When the care of other people’s children is in your hands, an open line of communication and absolute transparency is paramount. Knowing exactly where your drivers are and being able to assure they are adhering to safer driving practices, is the perfect way to ease worried minds.

Keep parents in the loop

The easiest way to keep parents happy is by providing up-to-date information when requested.

Organize important projects

Schools have a lot going on behind the scenes. Keep track of all these tasks, big and small, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Improve driver safety

Being able to monitor driver behavior in near real-time helps administrators take better control of the safety of their fleet and encourage improved safety practices.


Fleet tracking on Encore allows bus positions to be constantly monitored for driver accountability and acceptable traveling speeds. Our solution is designed to help increase safety and savings for both school districts and higher learning institutions alike.

Key Features

Read on to learn more about all the components that make Encore an all-inclusive, mobile management solution.

Job Dispatching

Keep your drivers up to date with road conditions and send them new instructions if, say, a last-minute pick-up needs to happen.

  • Send updated job information
  • Reroute paths if need be
  • Send assistance when necessary

GPS Tracking

Improve the transparency of your drivers with near real-time access to their locations and insight into their speed.

  • Keep parents in the loop
  • Monitor driver behavior
  • Save on fuel costs

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Wireless Forms

Refine the efficiency of the administrative side of things by making the switch from wasteful paper documents to cost-cutting digital forms.

  • Save on paper costs
  • Minimize errors due to illegibility
  • Reduce carbon footprint

Barcode Scanning

Implement easy-to-manage check-ins for drivers and maintenance workers that reduce instances of error due to missteps.

  • Verified check-in after student drop-off
  • Implement checkpoints at school
  • Check equipment in and out


Make sure urgent messages get dispersed to your team in a timely manner, keeping everyone on the same page.

  • Instantly communicate with staff
  • Relay information securely
  • Stay updated on worker statuses


Keep your crew accountable for their time worked by letting them punch in and out from anywhere.

  • Eliminate wasted time
  • Increase accountability
  • Improve accuracy

Use Cases

Encore is able to provide education organizations like yours with critical data that can help enhance workforce efficiency.

School Bus Fleet Tracking

A county school district needed a more efficient way to keep track of its more than 700 buses which altogether clocked around 42,000 miles each day. The district needed a way to monitor driver locations so they could warn parents of potential delays. Plus, they wanted to better keep tabs on speeds and route selection.

School Bus Maintenance

One school district was in need of a solution to assure they were staying on top of regular vehicle maintenance. Failing to do so was proving to be costly, as it made these vehicles more prone to breaking down. With Encore, there are regular alerts set up to make sure routine appointments were not overlooked, helping to keep buses running in much better shape.


A school was looking for a way to track their nighttime security guard and make sure they were doing the necessary rounds at the right time. Management was able to take advantage of Encore’s Barcode Scanning feature in order to implement a series of check-in spots. Now, security guards must manually scan each checkpoint in order to verify that rounds were being completed as instructed.

Encore, the end-to-end solution for fleet and workforce management.

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