Defining an API

An API is an acronym for “Application Programming Interface.” This interface allows developers the ability to create apps that can communicate with existing apps or third party services. API’s make it possible to automate the flow of information between apps and databases.


  • Drastically decrease costs and streamline processes by eliminating the need to rekey your data into other systems.
  • Promote organization and transparency by centralizing critical information locations.
  • Versatility is critical; API’s support many different programming languages to help make your data input processes efficient.

Custom Reports

Focus solely on the data your business needs with Custom Reports. Our Professional Services team is able to help your company establish specialized records that can be scheduled to run at will or at specific times to individuals and groups of employees alike. With this ability, save time by setting up custom reports that automatically display form data captured using your devices in the field.

  • Invoices
  • Timesheets
  • Work orders
  • Job Safety Analyses (JSAs)
  • and more

Mobile Forms

Field employees can submit their mobile forms as they operate remotely. Managers and administrators can easily review and approve those forms in the Encore application. In this instance, the API is critical because it can be used to easily send submitted form records to the 3rd party backend system your company utilizes.


In the field, employees use Encore to record important data involving their shifts, like timekeeping data. Their managers, dispatchers, and administrators then review that data and approve time records within the web-portal. The API is a tool that you can leverage to submit approved time records into time/attendance applications, ultimately streamlining your payroll processes.

Encore Professional Services & API

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