Give your mobile employees a solution that helps them be more efficient during daily deliveries. Encore is built to improve operations for transportation businesses of any size through a robust suite of resource-saving features.

Spend less on fuel

Monitor the near real-time positions of your dispersed vehicles and analyze detailed reports about vehicle usage. Use data collected from the field to curb unnecessary idle time and excessive speeding, saving money on fuel costs in the process.

Enhance driver safety

See where employees are during working hours and use Encore to stay connected to them, no matter where they are. Dispatch out assistance if need be and see details about your vehicles to pinpoint and prevent instances of dangerous driving habits by employees.

Gather data automatically with ELD

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) are the future of transportation. Powered by VisTracks, our ELD solution documents important information that helps your drivers focus on safe, efficient driving while remaining in compliance with federal regulations and Hours of Service (HoS) mandates.


Fleet tracking on Encore works to increase driver safety during daily deliveries, and also helps keep your transportation workers committed to responsible vehicle operation. Erratic driving can be dangerous, burn higher amounts of fuel, and increase repair costs over time. Allow our solution to help your workforce curb these risks.


Asset tracking on Encore allows transportation companies to track more than just the vehicles themselves. Containers with valuable cargo are able to be monitored separately than the semi-trucks they’re attached to, providing an extra layer of security to your operations.

Key Features

Read on to learn more about all the components that make Encore an all-inclusive, mobile management solution.

Job Dispatching

If any changes in delivery status need to be made, it’s no issue with Job Dispatching. This feature of Encore helps you reroute drivers on the fly if need be, send out new instructions to them digitally, and effectively handle last-minute shipments.

  • Save time by directing the closest available workers to new delivery locations
  • Move freight with enhanced versatility
  • Assign new tasks on the fly

GPS Tracking

Know the near real-time locations of your drivers, vehicles, and assets from an intuitive live view map. Use details about your fleet’s activities to improve operations by shortening travel times, reducing gasoline expenditure, and providing better service to customers.

  • Increase driver safety
  • Identify the most efficient routes to delivery locations
  • See route histories and save on fuel costs

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Wireless Forms

Use Wireless Forms to keep better track of completed deliveries and receive important information back from the field nearly instantly, all while eliminating the expenses of transporting and processing traditional paperwork.

  • Reduce paper costs
  • Quickly gain information about delivery statuses
  • Simplify the process of filling out documentation


Receive nearly instant notifications if your delivery drivers exceed certain speed thresholds, remain idle for too long, or brake harshly too often. Encore compiles detailed analytics about triggered alerts per assigned fleet vehicle, helping you easily identify which drivers are causing the most violations.

  • Help keep your drivers safe
  • Lessen vehicle wear-and-tear by reducing harmful driving habits
  • Know whenever vehicles have exited specified boundaries with Geofences


Your drivers can clock in and out from the convenience of mobile devices. Timekeeping on Encore helps accelerate delivery times by allowing your employees to start their days as soon as they enter their work vehicles.

  • Eliminate unnecessary trips back to company headquarters/warehouses
  • Deliver shipments faster to customers
  • Enhance the accuracy of employee hours tracked behind the wheel

Use Cases

Encore is able to provide transportation companies like yours with critical data that can help enhance workforce efficiency.

Waste Removal

Track garbage trucks in near real-time, adjust routes on the fly, and receive alerts when waste collection vehicles deviate from custom-drawn zones on Encore’s live view map. Waste removal organizations can use Encore’s Traffic Overlay feature to see near real-time congestion patterns on their live view map, and craft smarter routes for their truck drivers to take based off of current traffic data.

Freight Delivery

Move goods more efficiently by using Encore to monitor delivery vehicles, ensuring that they’re being operated safely and reaching their destinations in a timely manner. Run an improved operation using the power of Encore to streamline productivity, keep your drivers safer through GPS location services, and use Wireless Forms to document successful deliveries.

Civilian Transit

Taxi services and other forms of public transport can rely on our solution when choosing the most time-, fuel-, and traffic-efficient routes to take to destinations. Wireless Forms also help to provide a simpler, more intuitive billing system through electronic documentation and the ability to have riders sign receipts digitally via Signature Capture.

Encore, the end-to-end solution for fleet and workforce management.

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