Public Sector Employee Software

Leverage digital tools to enhance public services.

Public Sector Employee Software

Leverage digital tools to enhance public services.

End-to-End Public Sector Workforce Solutions

Better serve the needs of the community with Encore, our all-in-one software solution.

At the Office

Track the locations of your mobile workforce in near real-time.
Dispatch emergency job orders more dynamically and with more versatility.
In the Field

Optimize emergency dispatch protocols to reach those in need with greater efficiency.
Collect and transfer data from the field more seamlessly with digital forms and keep high-value assets and investments monitored and safe in the field.
Your Clients

Respond to changes in the field or emergencies faster and with greater efficiency.
Quicker response times boost trust from the public and streamlined workflows make it easier for your employees to get the job done.

Encore Public Sector Use Case

Learn more about how Encore can help public sector entities optimize their processes.

Stay In Touch with Your Crew

Encore’s best suited features for public sector organizations include:

Mobile Timekeeping

Increase flexibility in your workforce by allowing personnel to clock in and out via mobile devices from the field. Optimize time management protocols and reduce unnecessary downtime and overtime.

Wireless Forms

Attach photos, signatures, and audio captures to digital forms for faster and more detailed data reception. Cut back on paper costs and errors related to miscalculations or illegibility.

Job Dispatching

Reroute the nearest available employee to the newest job order update and serve the public more efficiently. Schedule daily workflows in advance to keep output streamlined.

Intra-Company Messaging

Communicate within a secure network with everyone in your workforce so important updates are sent and received seamlessly.

GPS Tracking

Learn how and where you can distribute work orders more efficiently by knowing the locations of your mobile employees in the field during working hours.

API Integration

Integrate data from Encore with many of the systems you currently use to reduce manual data entry and consolidate your organization’s information.

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