Operating a successful mobile healthcare business doesn’t have to be complicated. With Encore Vault in place, your workers have access to all the tools they need to be accurate, efficient, accountable, and above all else, secure.

Eliminate missed appointments

With all visit schedules sent electronically to workers’ mobile devices, there’s no room to miscommunicate appointment times.

Improve efficiency and shrink travel times

Knowing your employees’ locations gives managers an advantage when it comes to assigning new work orders that require less travel in between customers.

Reduce overall costs

Save money by planning more efficient routes between jobs, scaling back paper use, and drastically reducing the number of manual errors.

Mobile management that supports HIPAA compliance.

From start to finish, all your information is kept secure within our safeguarded server. We’ve even taken the extra measure of receiving third-party verification to assure our support of HIPAA regulations, including all-encompassing, regular training of our own employees.

Visit Schedules

Don’t leave your customers waiting, when you could be using that time to take care of business. As new orders come in, or the unexpected arises, send your crew to the locations that make the most sense, based on their proximity to the patients needing attention.

  • Verify proof of service deliveries
  • Reroute mobile employees
  • Enhance productivity

GPS Tracking

Knowing exactly where your employees are while on the clock keeps them accountable, so if a patient wants to know where their provider is, administrators can easily let them know. Additionally, tracking helps you efficiently assign new work orders, allowing more patients to be seen without waiting as long.

  • Keep drivers safer
  • Manage efficiently
  • Reduce fuel costs

Are you ready for 2020?

Our EVV solutions are equipped to help your team track each key piece of information. Use our solutions to manage your mobile medical staff with ease and document patient visits in near real-time.

Learn more about the 2020 EVV Mandate from the Medicaid website.

Wireless Forms

Choose from a robust library of pre-designed templates, or custom build ones that fit your exact needs for patient care. Wireless Forms allow you to accurately collect all the data you need without the risk of compromising your customers’ personal information.

  • Save money on paper costs
  • Reduce errors
  • Receive information faster

Barcode Scanning

Barcode Scanning on Wireless Forms allows you to scan barcodes and QR codes via mobile device cameras. Use this feature to improve inventory management, provide more attentive service to your clients, and reduce unnecessary costs.

  • Scan medical supplies quickly and easily
  • Check in patients via wristband scans
  • Have employees scan their IDs when clocking in and out

Interested in learning more?

Find out more about what our solutions can offer to healthcare providers here.

Intra-Company Messaging

Don’t rely on standard, unsecured text to send quick notes to your team. Instead, use intra-company messaging and know that any message you need to send out to your crew — whether it’s one-on-one or to a group — is fully encrypted, assuring that the words sent are seen only by those intended.

  • Communicate securely
  • Connect with multiple employees at once
  • Increase accountability


Keep your team more readily available to the needs of patients by eliminating the requirement for them to come into the office just to punch in. Instead, workers have more available space in their schedules they can dedicate to seeing additional customers.

  • Register time-punches from handsets
  • Eliminate unnecessary drive time
  • Increase timesheet accuracy


Personalize the look and feel of your application to fit your organization’s branding. With Encore, you’re also able to create a dashboard that only displays the most relevant data to your business, helping you understand what’s going on in the field in near real-time.

  • Customize the colors of your solution’s theme
  • Import your brand’s logo
  • Choose specific reports to display

Use Cases

No matter what type of healthcare organization your business is, our intuitive solutions can help you learn more about your team’s mobile operations. Use Actsoft applications to identify areas of inefficiency, remain in compliance, and create new strategies that work to save your company both time and money.

Hospital Care

Our solutions allow you to provide the best service possible to your patients through a variety of tools. Using Wireless Forms and Barcode Scanning, your staff can assign and check out medical equipment such as wheelchairs, bedpans, and other types of assistive mobility devices to specific hospital rooms. Save time by streamlining inventory management, recording dates for medical equipment retrieval, and using digital documents to record Personal Health Information (PHI).

Home Health Care

Increase the amount of time your employees spend caring for patients through the power of our solutions’ Timekeeping feature, which allows PCAs and HHCNs to register time-punches from mobile devices. In supporting HIPAA compliance, our solution’s Wireless Forms feature helps your team eliminate the costs spent processing paper documents and improves the level of detail that your forms have with tools like Photo Capture, Signature Fields, and Calculation Fields. GPS Tracking also allows you to monitor employee positions during working hours, ensuring that medical staff are traveling to new patient locations in the safest and most efficient ways possible.

Medical Transport

Our applications make emergency and non-emergency medical transport alike easier to accomplish, helping to remove unnecessary costs from the picture when moving patients, medicine, and equipment. GPS Tracking provides near real-time tracking for ambulances and other types of medical vehicles, and routine patient visits can also be scheduled digitally. Plan out the logistics of your team’s daily tasks, coordinating mobile medical staff as needed to reduce fuel expenditures and keep drivers focused on reaching their specified destinations. Save additional money by using Wireless Forms to electronically document deliveries of medication and equipment in the field.

Our solutions are tailored to the needs of today’s healthcare businesses.

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