Healthcare Employee Software

Empowering healthcare teams to streamline their operations.

Healthcare employee software

Healthcare Employee Software

Empowering healthcare teams to streamline their operations.

Healthcare employee software

End-to-End Healthcare Workforce Solutions

Ensure compliance and provide truly effective care to patients.

At the Office

Using healthcare employee software at the office

Digitized scheduling helps your workforce stay efficient and manage the patient visits of workers.
Process paperwork faster with digital forms that help cut back on expenses and inaccuracies.
In the Field

Using healthcare employee software in the field

Get near real-time locations of your medical staff in the field while on the job.
In the event of any emergency or scheduling change, you can dispatch your nearest available healthcare worker to respond effectively.
Your Patients

The impact of healthcare employee software for your patients

Optimize the experience for your patients with reliable and accessible healthcare services. Provide seamless care that has additional transparency.
Increase versatility by providing quicker service to patients who may need more attentive assistance.

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Stay in Touch with Your Healthcare Workers

Our software’s best suited features for healthcare organizations include:

Mobile Timekeeping with healthcare employee software

Mobile Timekeeping

Enable your drivers to take care of more patients daily by cutting out unnecessary timesheet management practices. Allow them to clock in and out via mobile devices (without needing to report to the office first).

Wireless Forms with healthcare employee software

Wireless Forms

Stay compliant with digitized paperwork and documents while keeping the data in these forms safe and reliable. Cutting back on paper costs and inefficiencies leverages benefits in other areas of your organization.

Job Dispatching with healthcare employee software

Job Dispatching

Respond to emergencies and changes in the field on the fly with optimized dispatching of your nearest available healthcare workers to new patient locations.

GPS Tracking with healthcare employee software

GPS Tracking

Gain deeper knowledge into the whereabouts of your mobile workforce in the field with near real-time GPS locations that empower you to make more informed decisions.

Barcode Scanning with healthcare employee software

Barcode Scanning

Check patients in with greater ease by scanning barcodes for IDs and enhance inventory management by automating the process.

HIPAA Compliance with healthcare employee software

HIPAA Compliance

Lower your organization’s potential for data breaches and fines by processing information using Encore Vault’s highly secure handset and web applications (that both support HIPAA compliance).

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