Field Service

Serve your customers more efficiently with Encore. Our premier business application helps field service companies optimize their workflows, increase productivity, and maintain employee accountability during routine operations.

Save time in the field

Provide mobile employees the ability to begin their daily tasks immediately, without having to drive to the office first.

Enhance your service to customers

Reach work locations quicker, complete more jobs on a daily basis, and give your clients a less complicated paperwork experience by using digital forms.

Direct your mobile employees with ease

Send out new orders to your technicians whenever adjustments in workflows need to be made. Mobile employees receive updates via handset devices, allowing them to remain at work in the field when directives are changed.


Fleet tracking on Encore makes it easy for field service companies to keep their maintenance vehicles secure, while also helping them keep tabs on the driving behaviors of mobile employees during working hours.


Asset tracking on Encore helps field service companies safeguard the tools they use on a daily basis, allowing them to be left at job sites overnight. Your business’s equipment is essential; use our solutions to gain extra insight into its various locations at any time.

Key Features

Read on to learn more about all the components that make Encore an all-inclusive, mobile management solution.

GPS Tracking

Use Encore’s GPS Tracking feature to track your employees during working hours, as well as your company’s vehicles and equipment overnight. Staff can begin working as soon as they enter their business vehicles and clock in, allowing them to take on more jobs per day.

  • Increase profits by saving time and accomplishing more tasks daily
  • Reduce fuel expenditure
  • Prevent equipment theft

Wireless Forms

Billing forms, job orders, maintenance requests and other types of documents can all be digitized with Wireless Forms on Encore. Receive back data collected from your mobile technicians at homes or other job sites nearly instantly, all while saving on reduced paper costs.

  • Create custom digital versions of your field service company’s paper forms
  • Enhance the legibility of forms by making them electronic
  • Save time and money when completing and storing billing documents

Barcode Scanning

Use mobile device cameras to scan barcodes and QR codes. Attach scans to Wireless Forms and seamlessly send them back to your company’s headquarters.

  • Make your business’s inventory management more efficient
  • Have employees scan ID cards before clocking in and going to work
  • Place scanning points for employees to use during mandatory security checks

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Job Dispatching

Daily tasks can change spontaneously for companies that employ a mobile workforce. With Job Dispatching, you can effortlessly reroute staff on the fly by sending out new instructions to their mobile devices.

  • Direct the closest available employees to new jobs that come in
  • Increase workforce productivity
  • Dispatch jobs without workers having to return to the office


Allow your remote employees to register time-punches from smartphones or tablets. Timekeeping saves employees valuable time by eliminating trips to the office to clock in and out, allowing workers to drive less and take on more tasks per day.

  • Increase timesheet accuracy
  • Reduce unnecessary overtime payouts
  • Complete more work in the field daily

Use Cases

Encore is able to provide field service companies like yours with critical data that can help enhance workforce efficiency.

Pest Control

Monitor your service vehicles in near real-time, keep digital records of past locations that have been treated for pests, and barcode scan chemical EPA numbers for efficient documentation. Encore makes it easy for pest control companies to streamline productivity through a robust suite of features, providing extra versatility to their workforces in the process.

Installation and Repair

Allow your technicians to drive directly to job locations in the field without going to the office first, monitor your maintenance vehicles around the clock, and use Barcode Scanning to keep track of items used. With the power of our premier solution, your team can efficiently manage its inventory and adjust staff assignments on the fly.


Use Wireless Forms to document before and after data about maintained yards, and track trailers and valuable field equipment with Encore’s asset-locating capabilities. Encore is tailored to the needs of landscaping businesses, allowing them to monitor field operations for quality and productivity while retaining security over any assets they choose to leave overnight in the field.

Encore, the end-to-end solution for fleet and workforce management.

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