Field Service Employee Software

Helping companies that serve customers in the field increase their profitability and output.

Field Service Employee Software

Helping companies that serve customers in the field increase their profitability and output.

End-to-End Field Service Workforce Solutions

Provide optimized experiences to more clients and reduce operational costs with Encore.

At the Office

Eliminate paper costs and wait times by receiving finished field service documents back at the office digitally.
More efficiently manage the routine operations of your workforce with work order scheduling that can be done ahead of time.
In the Field

Take on more customer requests using features that help your field service staff gain more time in the day to work.
See the positions of your mobile employees while they’re at work for higher accountability.
Your Clients

Make your customer service more flexible by having the tools to accomplish new service requests quicker.
Conserve time at work sites by having your staff fill out and submit electronic forms.

Encore Use Case for Field Service

Read about how Encore automates manual processes for field service companies.

Stay In Touch with Your Crew

Encore’s most useful tools for field service companies are:

Wireless Forms

Submit forms from Encore’s mobile app to increase time savings and retain profit. Automating information flows simplifies the form completion process for both employees and customers.

Mobile Timekeeping

Eliminate needless daily trips to and from the office and enable your staff to go to more jobs with a remote timekeeping solution. Utilize Crew Timekeeping to clock multiple employees in from a single mobile device at a single time.

GPS Tracking

Keep efficient track of the positions of your field service staff throughout the day and ensure that they’re at the correct customer locations to keep output and customer service streamlined.

Job Dispatching

Digitally send new assignments to your field service staff using Encore’s scheduling and dispatching features, which maximize efficiency and enable your closest available employee(s) to reach a new client.

Intra-Company Messaging

Send messages individually or to multiple employees on your field service team nearly instantly using Encore’s Intra-Company Messaging capability.

Public Wireless Forms*

Serve more clients and drive more revenue with the power to accept service requests digitally, even after hours of operation are over. Schedule these accepted service requests once your business reopens for the day.

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