Worker Software

Expand efficiency and safety while your workforce completes its building projects.

Worker Software

Expand efficiency and safety while your workforce completes its building projects.

End-to-End Construction Workforce Solutions

Accomplish more tasks daily while lowering costs of operation for your construction firm.

At the Office

Eliminate the delays of paperwork and boost cost efficiency when getting data from worksites.
Send out or schedule new instructions to workers from headquarters to ensure project timelines are met.
In the Field

Ensure OSHA compliance is upheld via faster, yet more detailed electronic safety checklists.
Respond quicker to emergency situations by tracking the positions of your on-site workers.
Your Clients

Meet project deadlines more effectively by using Encore’s Wireless Forms, which helps you provide administrators with detailed progress updates.
Get work quicker with many features included that help enhance output through intuitive data collection.

Encore Use Case for Construction

Learn how our software for construction increases productivity and safety.

Stay In Touch with Your Crew

Encore’s most useful tools for construction firms are:

Mobile Timekeeping

Let your construction workers register time punches via mobile devices or use Crew Timekeeping to have supervisors clock multiple workers in or out directly from the worksite.

Wireless Forms

Track project progress with greater detail by attaching photos to your electronic forms. Reduce paper expenses by digitally sending forms directly from your construction sites to headquarters.

Job Dispatching

Assign responsibilities to your workers in advance or at will. Enhance your company’s flexibility by being able to easily handle and communicate out changes to workflows at a moment’s notice.

GPS Tracking

View the GPS positions of your construction staff in near real-time (while they’re clocked in) to boost productivity, responsibility, and safety during your daily operations.


Monitor your fleet of construction vehicles with GPS-enabled tracking and study the driving habits of your workers to improve company reputation, road safety, and savings on fuel.


Identify where your tracked equipment is at all times and verify that it’s where it should be. Plus, eliminate costly daily transport by leaving tracked assets at worksites overnight.

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