With so much going on at the same time, plus a lot of costly equipment that needs to be safeguarded, having eyes everywhere is paramount. This solution is the key to being able to easily keep tabs on all the many moving parts — people and equipment — that are inherent with any construction business.

See all your equipment

Never wonder where your costly machinery is again. Instead, see exactly where everything is and customize alerts to make sure it all stays put.

Organize your crew

Get a better grasp on your workers’ to-do list and make smarter decisions about how best to distribute work orders.

Increase revenue

With better organization, your team can get through jobs more efficiently, which means having more bandwidth to take on additional work and generate more income.


Fleet tracking on Encore is your construction company’s digital management center for all of its vehicles. Trucks that are left at construction sites in the field can be easily tracked around the clock for security, and you’ll able to reduce fuel expenditure by keeping employee driving behaviors in check during working hours.


Asset tracking on Encore makes it easy for construction companies like yours to monitor the various pieces of equipment they use 24/7. By providing detailed insight into where valuable assets are, Encore can increase the efficiency of building projects and help safeguard the tools that your team needs on a daily basis.

Key Features

Read on to learn more about all the components that make Encore an all-inclusive, mobile management solution.

Job Dispatching

Determine the best person to take on new work orders based on status and location, giving your crew a better handle on tasks so jobs can be done faster.

  • Increase efficiency
  • Take on more work
  • Reduce fuel costs

GPS Tracking

It’s no secret that construction equipment is costly. Implementing GPS monitoring to this essential gear is a prime way to keep tabs on it and help prevent it from going missing.

  • See vehicle locations
  • Be alerted when equipment moves
  • Recover lost/stolen goods

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Wireless Forms

There are a ton of moving parts at most construction sites, so rather than trying to keep track of piles of paper work orders, the switch to a digital solution helps to introduce a level of controlled organization to what could otherwise be mere chaos.

  • Reduce errors
  • Enhance worker organization
  • Track results

Barcode Scanning

Big equipment is one thing, but there’s also a bounty of tools that are used at job sites. Often times these are all used by multiple people. Safeguard them by implementing a check-out and -in system using barcodes.

  • See who last had tools
  • Know if anything hasn’t been returned
  • Reduce instances of theft


Safety is one of the biggest concerns at any construction site. Secure, intra-company messaging allows you to blast messages out to everyone on site, including urgent safety messages, to make sure everyone is on the same page.

  • Improve safety record
  • Enhance communication
  • Save time


There’s plenty to do when a job is underway that it doesn’t make sense to have workers waste precious minutes starting their day by clocking in at the home office. Instead, let them punch in remotely and spend their full day working.

  • Reduce excessive downtime
  • Increase worker accountability
  • Save money from unnecessary overtime

Use Cases

Encore is able to provide construction companies like yours with critical data that can help enhance workforce efficiency.

General Construction

In order to streamline their methods for collecting data in the field, without all the excess paperwork, an industrial construction company took advantage of Encore’s Job Dispatching and Timekeeping features. Now, the management team can run reports that include all the details about employees, including time on the clock and how long each spends on various projects, allowing them to maximize their teams moving forward.


A major urban transit company needed a way to minimize the inefficiencies that came with trying to keep track of the piles of physical forms used for each of its many open projects. Encore’s Wireless Forms provided a way to save money by cutting down on excessive paperwork while increasing productivity. With everything digitized, management can run data-based reports to better understand project needs.

Electrical Work

An electrician needed a way to monitor their workers once they were on the road, traveling to customers. Encore gave the owner the ability to track vehicle whereabouts in order to efficiently dispatch new work orders. Plus, reports gave insight into each driver’s behavior, including speeding and hard stopping. Combined, the owner was able to increase the number of jobs completed daily, decrease risk from unsafe driving, and save money due to wasted fuel.

Encore, the end-to-end solution for fleet and workforce management.

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