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Google Maps

Google maps is considered one of the most popular maps in the market today and most technology users know what an immensely useful tool it is. In order to support our long-term international initiatives and in effort to offer our clients with the best user experience we are excited to announce that we are moving to Google maps as the new mapping platform for the application.

By default, points of interest (POIs) will appear on the map along with their corresponding icons. POIs include parks, schools, government buildings, and more. This will allow your web users the ability to see where their users are in relation to those specific locations on the map.

Web users will now have the ability to search the map for any point of interest that is displayed in google maps. When the desired location is selected a map pin will be generated that will allow the web user to create a geofence around that point of interest making it easy to create new landmarks around a specific location.

Using Googles Street View features allows your web users the ability to experience a panoramic 360-degree view from designated roads throughout its googles maps coverage area. Web users will now have a real-world experience of an address or point of interest on the map, providing them with meaningful context about their mobile workers destination or client locations available on the map.
Street view also provides the ability to move up and down a street by using the map navigation arrows or turning around by clicking, holding then dragging your mouse to change the view.

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