Wireless Forms

Guide workers in any industry along proper troubleshooting routes, helping them determine the best courses of action more quickly with Wireless Forms. Spend less time deciphering information and more time completing jobs and documenting them accurately.

“Convert any document into a wireless form”

Eliminate Paper

Stacks of papers are costly and documents can easily be lost or tampered with. Drastically reduce the amount of paper printed and create highly customizable electronic forms that promote organization and accuracy.

Reduce Errors

Unclear handwriting and damaged paper forms lead to incorrectly entered data. Wireless Forms eliminates the handwriting factor altogether and removes paper from the equation. Decision logic also reduces errors by guiding workers along the proper documentation routes to ensure information is accurate.

Signature Capture

Collect signatures easily, without requiring paperwork. Quickly send important documentation back to the office and easily archive it. Expedite your ordering and invoicing processes.

Analyze Data

Display data in graph format for easy analysis. Send forms and their data back to the office and immediately identify trends or patterns. Eliminate the need to wait on employees to return from the field and start working with data immediately.

  • Improve inventory management, and keep an accurate record of any equipment that was used during the course of a workday.
  • Save time and money by not having to purchase separate barcode scanning devices.
  • Verify task completion through scans of finished objectives.

Barcode Scanning

Allow your employees to scan QR codes and item barcodes from the field, all using the cameras of mobile devices. This feature can also be used in tandem with Timekeeping, as workers can be required to scan their IDs any time they clock in or out.

Form Workflows

Begin completing a form, and then send the unfinished product from your mobile device directly to that of another employee using Form Workflows. Collaborate with colleagues to easily submit work orders, and experience greater convenience when documenting important information.

  • Take the guesswork out of recording vital data gathered in the field, and never worry about losing a paper form again.
  • Streamline tasks and accelerate your traditional form submission process by working alongside coworkers to complete documents.

Web Forms*

Web Forms* is a powerful way to further help your employees in the field. Start the completion process of a document from an office desktop and send the unfinished form to the mobile devices of your mobile employees. Your administrators can also upload images and signatures, submit completed forms, and receive and complete a form that’s been transferred to the office by a remote worker.

  • Improve workflows from added versatility
  • Save time and money with further decreases in processing times and paperwork costs
  • Enhance productivity and accountability
*Available exclusively on Encore’s Ultimate tier.

Custom Lists*

Use Custom Lists* to easily upload spreadsheets into your digital form fields. Instantly update information in bulk, reduce manual data entry, and truly organize your business’s information.

  • Save time with quick uploads for specific data lists.
  • Reduce turnaround time by managing dropdowns of relevant business information.
  • Manage and update existing lists more efficiently with options for manual edits or .CSV file uploads.
*requires Ultimate tier level.

Administrator Point of View

Allow managers to send wireless forms directly to the devices their mobile employees use. Tailor forms to your business with hundreds of customizable modules available for administrators to choose from.

Export & Integrate

Export data that can represent a physical version of invoices or any other type of form your business needs. With common data formats available for reports (such as Excel and CSV), customers can import or export data and then transfer it to the other applications they use.

Decision Logic

Decision logic makes it easy to navigate forms by only showing choices in drop-down boxes based on what the employee has answered previously, eliminating the possibility of entering incorrect data.

Photo Capture

Document jobs more vividly with Photo Capture. Show administrators and clients exactly what occurred with photo evidence to support any claims or invoices. Photos can be written on to create a dynamic, all-encompassing job summary.

Ad hoc Reports

Extract the data that is most relevant to your business operations. Select the module, the fields you want to run reports on, and define criteria from those fields (like date or time). You can also view data within the application and export it on demand. Automate the process of running reports to ensure data is available when you need it.

Export On Demand

Define data

Entry details

User activity summary

Administrators are able to enhance forms with:


Emails (for instant digital receipts)

Picture Fields

Signature Capture

Decision Logic

And More

Build a form

Digital documents can be easily created in the Encore web application, and they’re filled out directly from the mobile devices of employees. Different fields in a custom-built form are able to calculate totals, write notes, take and submit pictures, and even record touchscreen signatures.

Transfer form/page

With Form Workflows, your employees can work effortlessly together on completing and submitting a form. Document pages are able to be assigned to specific employees, and when one worker has filled out their designated page, they can digitally send the form to another person in the recipient chain.

    Make your company’s form-processing system more seamless and up-tempo.

    Simplify operations and enhance the accuracy of data recorded in the field.

    Increase your business’s teamwork, and establish a command chain between workers.