Encore Vault

Security, reimagined.

Encore Vault is a version of our flagship solution that’s been built with an additional layer of security, giving your workforce even more protection over its valuable data. Using Encore Vault, enjoy the same core features that our standard application offers, but with extra safety measures in place to further protect the information your team gathers.

  • Communicate on a secure platform with members of your mobile workforce
  • Use Wireless Forms to reduce paper costs, receive data faster, and lock it down
  • Dispatch out new employees to work locations in the field confidentially
  • Monitor the near real-time positions of assets, personnel, and fleet vehicles securely

First Responders

Safely dispatch extra assistance or new work orders to your mobile employees using Encore Vault. First responders can have greater control during mission-critical situations with the power of our enhanced security application.


Encore Vault supports compliance with the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Use it to help your organization adhere to federal regulations when handling clients’ private Personal Health Information (PHI).


Keep sensitive company information confidential on a platform that does even more to safeguard it. For businesses that require increased data security, Encore Vault can deliver significant return on investment.

Keep sensitive information safer using the power of Encore Vault

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Encryption at rest and in transit

During data transfer and storage alike, rest assured that the information your company needs remains confidential. Our enhanced security application is backed by Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for Microsoft Azure, which detects harmful attempts to access or exploit storage accounts whenever they might occur.

  • Help prevent eavesdropping, forged messaging, and intercepted memos to ensure your messages are seen only by intended recipients
  • Send, receive, and store information in a fully encrypted environment

Additional data breach protection

Recovering from a catastrophic data breach can be incredibly costly. Use Encore Vault to stay better prepared, strengthen your organization’s protection against information leaks, and more effectively prevent instances of system compromise.

  • Help reduce your company’s potential for costly fines
  • Safeguard customer data even more

Elevate the power of your workforce

Encore Vault provides more than just enhanced security to your workforce. Its practical features can give your company all the tools it needs to optimize its workflows, reduce overhead costs, and make team coordination easier, all from a more secure platform.

  • Safely collect information about your mobile workforce’s daily operations, and create new data-driven strategies for higher efficiency
  • Use analytics to pinpoint aspects of your company where productivity can be improved

If your organization is in charge of keeping data heavily protected, find out more about how Encore Vault can provide it with return on investment today.

Use Cases

Encore Vault is able to provide companies like yours with critical data that can help enhance workforce efficiency.

Home Health Care

PCAs and HHCNs can spend more time with patients by registering their time-punches from mobile devices. By supporting HIPAA compliance, Encore Vault’s Wireless Forms feature helps your team eliminate the costs spent processing paper documents and improves the level of detail that your forms have with tools like Photo Capture, Signature Fields, and Calculation Fields. Monitor employee positions during working hours with GPS Tracking to ensure that medical staff are traveling to new patient locations in the safest and most efficient ways possible.


Encore Vault makes emergency medical transport easier to accomplish by removing unnecessary costs from the picture when moving patients and equipment. See near real-time ambulance positions and coordinate mobile medical staff as needed to reduce fuel expenditures and keep drivers focused on reaching their specified destinations. Save additional money by using Wireless Forms to securely document patient information.

Business/Commercial Services

Protect customer information even further against the threat of a data breach with Encore Vault’s enhanced encryption levels. With the solution’s Intra-Company Messaging feature, you can also discuss sensitive business strategies with your team in a secure environment, and use Job Dispatching to reroute mobile employees confidentially.

Encore, the end-to-end secure solution for fleet and workforce management.

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