Use Encore to enhance the level of service you provide to your customers. Allow our solution to help you coordinate your mobile technicians more efficiently through improved communication, near real-time position tracking, and reduced errors when collecting data.

Remain connected to your mobile workforce.

Gain insight into your mobile team’s whereabouts through location pinging during working hours and digital communication. If any adjustments in workflows need to be made, you can relay new instructions nearly instantly via desktop-to-handset integration.

Attend to customer needs in a timely manner.

Keep customers updated on the locations of technicians and reach new work locations quicker. Encore takes the guesswork out of directing mobile employees by allowing you to pinpoint new job sites and send out the closest available utility workers to them.

Increase employee productivity.

Keep staff accountable by tracking your company’s fleet vehicles around the clock. Allow employees to clock in and out remotely, giving them more crucial time in the field to make repairs.


Fleet tracking on Encore simplifies vehicle management for utilities companies. Make your workforce more efficient by using our solution to monitor maintenance vehicles for safety, security, and productive fuel usage.


Asset tracking on Encore is designed to help utilities companies safeguard their valuable tools. If any equipment is moved outside of authorized hours, you’ll receive notifications that provide details on device tampering, movement, low battery, and more.

Key Features

Read on to learn more about all the components that make Encore an all-inclusive, mobile management solution.

GPS Tracking

Monitor service vehicles around the clock, provide accurate updates to customers on arrival times, and track your employees during working hours to ensure that tasks are being done in an efficient manner. Use employee locations to pinpoint where assistance is needed in case of an emergency.

  • Increase workforce safety
  • Identify the best routes for field techs to take
  • Shorten travel times to customer locations

Job Dispatching

If certain jobs are completed quicker than expected, you can use Encore’s Job Dispatching feature to redirect any newly-available employees to other job sites. Job Dispatching improves employee productivity by helping to keep task management optimized.

  • Reroute utility workers on the fly
  • Save time and money through improved coordination
  • Take care of more repairs daily

Wireless Forms

Paperwork items like inspection documents, billing forms, and service orders can all be digitized with Encore. By storing information from the field electronically, your company can experience benefits such as:

  • Reduced annual paper costs
  • Improved legibility on completed forms
  • Reduction of mistakes with decision logic and pre-determined fields

Intra-Company Messaging

Securely communicate with multiple members of your team at once via mobile devices. Encore’s Intra-Company Messaging feature also gives you the ability to review past conversations for reference and to ensure that they remained on-task.

  • Keep productivity optimized
  • Communicate with your mobile staff nearly instantly
  • Send important memos to multiple employees at once

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Give your city workers a way to register time punches remotely via their mobile devices. Our application makes it easy for your employees to begin their daily tasks as soon as they enter their work vehicles, giving them extra time to arrive earlier at job sites.

  • Reduce unnecessary trips to the office
  • Increase timecard accuracy
  • Integrate timesheet data with some third-party systems

Use Cases

See how Encore can benefit specific business types like these within the utilities industry.


Track repair vehicles in near real-time, efficiently reroute employees who are closest to any new water line breaks that occur and save on fuel costs by choosing smarter routes. Encore’s Wireless Forms feature also allows your team to use Barcode Scanning for performing daily vehicle checks, taking inventory, and consolidating equipment.


Serve customers more effectively by redirecting nearby employees to fix critical electrical failures faster than ever. Enhance team safety through GPS Tracking, which shows the pinpointed locations of electricians during working hours. Encore helps electric companies respond to emergency outages quickly and efficiently by allowing them to dispatch out new orders to nearby electricians in the field.


Encore makes operations easier by helping plumbing companies safeguard their field equipment and assets around the clock. Its Wireless Forms feature also allows work orders to be completed quickly and accurately with cost efficiency in mind. Plumbing businesses can efficiently direct their mobile workforces in near real-time, keep 24/7 tabs on work vehicle locations, and save money using the power of Encore.

Encore, the end-to-end solution for fleet and workforce management.

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