Eliminate unnecessary trips to headquarters by enabling workers to remotely clock in and out of a digital time clock. Maximize productivity from your employees as they operate remotely.

Track every second spent working and increase productivity

Simple Clock-in

Employees can clock in from their mobile handsets/tablets with the press of a button. The ease and accessibility of logging time enables employees to maintain focus on the task at hand.

Duty-Specific Forms

Designate forms to appear in the event of a time punch. Increase the information gathered at the start and end of an employee’s workday.

Efficient Time Management

Reducing the time spent logging hours frees up more time to complete jobs. Accurately monitor the amount of time workers spend clocked in or out to help create effective workflow plans, since administrators know exactly how long jobs really take.


A location stamp accompanies each time punch, providing verification that workers are on site at their designated time, leaving when they are supposed to, and returning from breaks on time. With Timekeeping, you don’t have to worry about inaccurate or doctored timesheets.

Administrator Point of View

Increase your workforce’s productivity and your transparency into field operations with Encore’s Timekeeping feature. Consistently receive accurate records of employees’ time on the job and reduce payment discrepancies, like wages paid out for inaccurately reported overtime.

Timeline Functionality

Obtain important timekeeping information with each punch, including GPS location stamps.
Increased transparency granted by the location stamps ensures that your workers are completing their jobs when and where they say they are.
Monitor the clock-in status of each employee to track shortages and overages.

Complete Visibility

Promote high levels of visibility between dispatchers, system administrators, and your employees with location-stamped time punches. Instantly see where your workforce is operating from and how long they’ve been on site.

Analyzing Simplified

All timekeeping data is recorded electronically, making it accessible for analysis at any time. No longer will you have to wait to receive timesheets at the end of the workday/week. Pinpoint areas for improvement when it comes to cutting down on expenses associated with inefficient timekeeping practices.