Industry Spotlight: Actsoft Solutions in Education

When it comes to the well-being of your children, it’s pretty safe to assume that all parents are willing to take any extra precautions to help guarantee that they are properly taken care of and kept out of harm’s way. This is especially true when your children are in the care of others, such as school officials. That’s why, when school districts take advantage of our solutions, it gives parents the additional peace of mind that comes with added knowledge pertaining to their kids’ whereabouts and safety. There are a number of benefits that come with incorporating GPS tracking on school buses.

Bus Location
The most obvious benefit of tracking school buses is always knowing exactly where the bus is at any given time. Parents (and school administrators) can rest easy being able to know if, say, the bus is running a few minutes late or got stuck in some unexpected traffic. Plus, with the ability to see where the bus in first thing in the morning, kids can avoid exposure to inclement weather by staying indoors until their ride is closer.

Scheduled Maintenance
Know that your vehicles are always in top-notch condition by setting up reminders to perform routine maintenance checks on them. These can be based on length of time or miles traveled. Scheduling regular vehicle inspections helps to make sure any potential small issues are discovered before compounding into larger, costlier problems.

Driver Accountability
Are your drivers slamming on the brakes too often? Exceeding the speed limit regularly? Keep track of their behaviors so you can be sure students are in good hands, and that drivers are regularly practicing safe driving habits. Being able to definitively

Lower Fuel Costs
Another benefit for the school is the ability to actively monitor routes to make sure the most efficient ones are taken. Doing this helps to reduce the amount of wasted fuel due to longer-than-necessary routes. Additionally, if drivers are idling their vehicles excessively, administrators can address the issue so that they are no longer burning fuel needlessly.

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