Season’s Greetings From Actsoft and Our New Corporate Vision

The prosperity of our customers and business partners remains our highest priority here at Actsoft. This holiday season, we’d like to take a moment to thank each and every business we’ve had the chance to work with over the course of the past year, as well as restate our commitment to their successes both now and in the future.

We typically take this time of year to reflect on all of the efforts we’ve made in working on our solutions, individual customer experiences, and processes over the past few quarters to ensure they remained as positive as possible. Seeing what was most effective and striving to fill next year with even more of those moments is a key principle for our team. It’s also an exciting time for us during the holiday season because of our return to the drawing board, as we begin to conceptualize future enhancements to our mobile resource management applications.

Heading into 2020, we’re looking to collect even more crucial feedback from our customers and design software to match it, providing businesses with even more tools that they can use to gain an edge in their respective markets. We’ve also worked hard to compose a new vision statement for 2020 that speaks more directly to our recently refined corporate focus, development strategy, and dedication to customer success.

Our vision:

We foster lasting relationships, empowering the Actsoft community with creative business solutions that promote a more prosperous and productive economy.

Now that we’re equipped with a new vision statement, Actsoft’s overall business philosophy is more effectively aligned with the needs of the customer and partner relationships we service on a daily basis. Our unwavering commitment to helping your team achieve its maximum potential remains as strong as ever heading into the new decade.

May your workforce be filled with success this season and into the future!

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Shipping During the Holiday Season and Actsoft Solutions

In 2017, UPS estimated that they’d be shipping nearly 750 million packages during the course of the entire holiday season. This year, that number isn’t likely to drop. With a steadily increasing number of gifts being given around Christmastime, companies that are in charge of package transportation must use technology and precision to ensure that there are as few delivery hiccups as possible.

At Actsoft, we engineer digital solutions that help streamline operations for companies in industries like transportation for both the driver and the administrator. By making things easier for all employees involved in the shipping process, our solutions help delivery businesses maintain efficiency, even during their busiest quarters of the year. Two applications in particular that we offer are essential for transportation companies: ELD and GPS Tracking.

Powered by VisTracks, our Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solution enables delivery drivers to focus strictly on safe and efficient driving by automatically logging their active time behind the wheel. Rather than having to manually fill out nationally mandated forms for Hours of Service (HOS), semi-truck operators can reach their destinations as quickly and safely as possible with instant documentation preventing their attention from being diverted toward cumbersome paperwork tasks. Information about rest compliance that’s automatically logged on a driver-by-driver basis is readily available to administrators and can help reduce their business’s potential to incur regulatory fines.

On the administrative side, our solutions’ GPS Tracking feature enables location positioning to help keep cargo and trucks safe, even if they become separated from one another. Track semi-truck trailers, the vehicles themselves, and even employees during working hours with accuracy from our software’s live view map. Monitoring all mobile operations via GPS technology helps keep fuel usage optimized, package containers secure, and drivers accountable.

With the power of Actsoft solutions, transportation businesses can maintain ultimate control on their operations. Cut costs for your delivery company and keep efficiency high throughout the frenzied pace of the holiday season using our mobile management software.

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The Benefits of Encore Vault’s EVV Solution

We’ve already discussed the upcoming Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) mandates that mobile healthcare companies must eventually have an answer for, but aside from just simple compliance, what are some of the extra benefits that an EVV system can provide your workforce with?

From a perspective of running the most efficient mobile healthcare operation possible, taking advantage of an EVV solution’s feature set is nearly as essential as remaining in regulatory compliance. After all, if you’re paying for an EVV solution, it’s wise to use it for the most possible enhancements to your business, while it helps your team stay in line at the same time. Our EVV solution, offered through Encore Vault, is designed to provide your organization with a treasure trove of features and valuable benefits for upgraded operations, including:

Verification of delivered services

It’s within the acronym, and it’s perhaps the most important aspect of our EVV solution: Verification. An ability to document and save data about patient visits made by your mobile medical staff is crucial for success, and in addition to helping track service quality, it can offer your team greater protection, as well as a dynamic new way to submit information.

Redirecting mobile nurses with ease

For mobile healthcare teams that must make multiple trips to different clients daily, the ability to schedule and reroute staff members on the fly can make things infinitely easier. Encore Vault EVV helps your business save fuel, reach patients quicker during emergency situations, and see the near real-time GPS positions of its personnel during working hours.

Helping eliminate insurance fraud and reducing overbilling

Recorded histories of patient visitations with accompanying location markers can help enhance the quality of your healthcare company’s reputation amongst its clientele by fostering consistency. With our application’s ability to notate precise start and stop times for delivered services, you can also help eliminate falsified claims and boost the accuracy of submitted logs.

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What is Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)?

Technology is rapidly changing the ways that businesses in the healthcare industry reach and serve their patients. A relevant example of this is through Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), a type of system that helps companies document proof of their service delivered to patients. EVV is especially crucial for home healthcare providers with mobile medical staff as they make visits to clients in the field.

Aside from providing key returns like reduced paper costs, more secure data storage and transmission, and efficient workforce coordination, an EVV solution can help your healthcare organization remain in compliance with federal mandates, as healthcare companies will eventually be required to implement one, according to the 21st Century Cures Act. The implementation deadline is January 1, 2020, for Personal Care Services; Home Healthcare Services must have an EVV solution by January 1, 2023, in order to avoid fines and stay in regulation.

There are six key data elements that an EVV system must track: patient names, dates, locations, types of service performed, the home health provider’s name, and the start and finish times of care delivered. Recently, we released Encore Vault, a version of our flagship solution whose EVV options let you capture this information. Encore Vault contains even more features for enhanced security and is in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This new tier’s timekeeping- and scheduling-based options for EVV give healthcare companies like yours the flexibility they need to select a plan that works for them.

Benefits of Encore Vault include:

  • The ability to eliminate overbilling by pinpointing and logging visits
  • The ability to reduce insurance fraud and falsely filed invoices with GPS-tagged records
  • Enhanced worker safety
  • Timestamped trips by caregivers for accurate visit times
  • A highly secure messaging platform to communicate on

Unlike most lower price point EVV applications, Encore Vault also offers GPS Tracking as a complement to all of its proof of service delivery functionalities. See the near real-time positions of your mobile nurses and delivery people to verify that they’re at the correct locations, help them choose the most fuel- and time-efficient routes to patient homes, and increase workforce accountability using this intuitive feature. With our diverse EVV solutions, your organization can stay compliant and optimize its daily visit schedules through improved locational insight. Find out more today about what Encore Vault can do to help your healthcare company better serve its patients.

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Industry Spotlight: Actsoft Solutions in Healthcare

Much like the public sector, healthcare is often times a mission-critical industry. Mere minutes and seconds can have life-saving implications, especially when it comes to emergency response. Because of this, organizations that provide medical services need solutions that can keep them better in tune with their mobile employees. Crucial situations that call for clear, open lines of communication are more easily managed through Actsoft’s workforce management applications, and we take pride in being able to assist organizations that help those in need find greater efficiency.

Fleet Tracking

Ambulance fleets that are monitored using our solutions’ GPS tracking capabilities are better equipped to operate safer and more efficiently. Our fleet tracking applications go even further than traditional solutions by displaying data charts about the activities of each of your respective fleet vehicles, allowing you to make better, more informed decisions about your mobile workforce. Let Actsoft solutions help your team regularly reduce its ambulances’ fuel consumption and wear-and-tear today.


Easily make on the fly adjustments to your workforce using Actsoft’s Dispatching tool. Both palliative care services and EMS can use the power of mobile technology to strategically direct the different parts of their workforce in near real-time, as employee positions in the field help administrators dictate who should get routed to a new location. With Dispatching, your workers can receive nearly instant notifications of procedural adjustments to their handsets, making your team better-rounded and more versatile than ever before.

Wireless Forms

A system for digital documentation takes the guesswork out of filling out and submitting paperwork, and is an especially useful asset in a time-sensitive industry like healthcare. Wireless Forms lets healthcare companies fill out forms electronically, and aspects of the feature such as decision logic help to reduce entry errors by showing employees only relevant portions of a document to complete, based on their previous answers.

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Industry Spotlight: Actsoft Solutions in Utilities

Utility companies are able to use a variety of Actsoft solutions to streamline their workflows, and ensure that they’re getting the most out of everyday operations. Businesses dealing in water, HVAC servicing, electrical repair, and plumbing almost exclusively conduct daily work at remote locations, which can open up a world of possibilities for breaks in connectivity to occur. The reliability of a business solution then becomes vital, if management teams are to establish and maintain solid communication with their mobile technicians.

Features of Actsoft solutions like GPS Tracking, Dispatching, and Wireless Forms are all readily applicable to the utilities industry, collectively providing extra efficiency to daily operations. Here’s how utilities businesses can benefit from these particular tools:

GPS Tracking

With GPS Tracking, utilities companies can know the near real-time positions of their scattered employees on the fly. This feature is a versatile one that functions seamlessly with other Actsoft tools, leaving workforces more equipped than ever to handle the unexpected. GPS monitoring of employees, fleet vehicles, and assets can enhance safety for workers, better safeguard business equipment, and make team coordination a breeze to sustain.


This feature enables businesses to redirect their field techs to new job locations on the fly via electronic communication. Managers can perceive the locations of their organization’s mobile employees in near real-time, and identify the closest available staff members to new work sites.

Quick response times to critical situations like pipe breaks, electrical failures, and water stoppages are integral to providing the best possible service to your customers. If your company was equipped with a solution for helping staff identify and reach new jobs as efficiently as possible, what more could it accomplish?

Wireless Forms

Receiving vital paperwork back from the field in a timely manner is another pain point for many organizations, as it’s often times impractical and costly to deal with. For companies that choose to use Actsoft’s Wireless Forms solution, however, documentation is kept streamlined via the power of digital systems. Employees of utilities companies can fill out custom work orders and billing documents from the convenience of mobile devices, saving time, money, and resources daily.

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Why Customer Experience Rocks!


Having a quality customer experience team is one of the most essential factors to the success of any modern company. No matter what type of product or service your team sells, maintaining easy accessibility to your customer base and providing quality assistance to it is one of the best ways to retain business and also expand to new prospects.

Offering helpful, readily-available aid to customers who currently use your business’ product or service is a great way to ensure that they stay with your business, rather than turning to one of your competitors. After all, if a customer doesn’t know how to use your product or service, they likely won’t continue paying for it for very long. In fact, according to Gartner Surveys, 89% of companies now expect to differentiate themselves from their competitors primarily using customer experience. This figure is up nearly 53% from 2012, confirming that many modern businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on enhancing the customer’s experience to drive their respective revenue flows.

Another valuable aspect of establishing a reputable customer experience department is that it can provide an outlet to facilitate noteworthy feedback on behalf of your current customer base. Listening to customer suggestions and adjusting your services accordingly via updates or other methods of improvement can make for products that are even more finely tuned to the desires of your clients, which is never a bad thing for business. In turn, both your business and your loyal customers will reap rewards.

Now that some of the benefits of providing a quality customer experience have been briefly outlined, it’s also important to note that person-to-person communication is key in the customer experience department of any profitable corporation. Customers feel less like a number and more like a human when they are easily able to express their thoughts to a live representative who is extensively trained on the company’s products. In this way, your advisors can empathize with the people making up your customer base, something that is crucial to fostering trustworthy relationships and more efficient problem solving.

“Having ‘trusted advisors’ instead of ‘service agents’ is a big key to delivering exceptional Customer Experiences,” says David Knight, Actsoft’s Vice President of Customer Experience. “Once you have trusted advisors, their primary mission should be to practice “value-nurturing” during every customer interaction. This will increase product usage and grow customer lifetime value.”

Actsoft’s Customer Experience department prides itself on delivering exceptional customer experiences. Knight’s team delivers trustworthy information to customers in the most personable and informative fashions possible. Actsoft stays one-step ahead in the Customer Experience space because they leverage product knowledge, insight about the customer’s workflows and customer experience best practices to ensure that every customer receives friendly, personalized, and high quality services.

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Workforce Management & The Return On Investment: Vehicles, Part I

Over the last few weeks, we have been tackling the return experienced after investing in wireless forms, dispatching, and timekeeping. While integral in increasing the overall efficiency of a workforce, these aspects all have a common lynchpin: the human element. There exists another element of the workforce that, while a bit less prone to going against the grain, still require ample amounts of attention in order to ensure it is conducive to the growth of the business.

That aspect is known as your “Vehicles” or “Fleet.”

Businesses with employees that operate away from the main office must account for the automobiles within their Fleet. According to a joint study by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and National Equipment Register (NER) in 2012, fleet vehicles are liable to be targeted for theft, resulting in between $300 million and $1 Billion lost by businesses each year.

Let us revisit our friend Paul and see exactly how his Pool Cleaning Company is doing:

Paul has put some big plans into motion since we last we checked in on him. His company has expanded to not only handle pool cleaning, but also pool construction! Paul’s Pool Cleaning & Construction Company now has added three mid-sized excavators to its fleet, each with a cost of $200K dollars for a total of $600K. Let us assume that in a forty-hour business week, each excavator can dig two pools. Between all three excavators, Paul’s company digs 24 pools over the course of a month.

Assuming the average cost of excavating a pool is $1200, we can conclude that Paul’s three excavators are contributing $28,800 to Paul’s gross monthly revenue. While amounting to over $300K in annual revenue, the excavators would require two years before Paul saw any profit on their purchase.

However, those two years of consistent work are not guaranteed with vehicles being targeted as they are. While the average cost of stolen equipment $17,400, heavy equipment like Paul’s excavators are a more lucrative prize; they are five times likelier to be stolen than damaged in an auto accident. Coupled with the statistic that only 20% of stolen equipment is ever recovered, theft poses an incredible threat to the overall productivity and profitability of businesses like Paul’s.

Let’s imagine one of Paul’s excavators is stolen and never recovered, resulting in the immediate loss of a $200K piece of equipment. Not only is the equipment lost, but Paul also loses its contribution to his business. As stated earlier, 24 pools at $1200 generates $28,800 for Paul’s Pool Cleaning & Construction monthly and $345,600 annually. The loss of the excavator negates its ability to pay for itself, while the cost incurred by the purchase of all three vehicles remains (-600K). Paul now must rely on his two remaining excavators to pay off the costs of all three machines. With these concrete numbers, we can calculate exactly how long it would take Paul to pay off the cost of the excavators and see a profit:

-$600,000 costs to be accounted for because of all three excavators

+ $230,400 revenue generated by the two remaining excavators in the first year

-$369,600 remaining costs of excavators going into the second year

+$230,400 revenue generated by the two remaining excavators in the second year

-$139,200 remaining costs of excavators going into the third year

+$230,400 revenue generated by the two remaining excavators in the third year

$91,200 profit after excavators pay off their cost in the third year

It would take Paul’s excavators three years to pay off their costs after one of them was stolen, hindering the profitability of Paul’s Pool Cleaning & Construction.

To mitigate the impact theft has on his business, Paul can install tracking devices onto his excavators. The devices work with Actsoft software that can be calibrated to detect any movement of the vehicle after work hours and immediately report said movement. Tracking technology can also relay the location of stolen vehicles, increasing the successful recovery of the vehicles.

The installation of Actsoft’s software into vehicles is one of many steps to guard against vehicle theft. Not only does it help prevent the total loss of a vehicle you have already invested in, but it also lessens the negative impact to your business’s productivity and reputation. Taking special care of the vehicles within your workforce are key to elevating your workforce management!

Next week, we continue Part II of this discussion on “Workforce Management & The Return On Investment: Vehicles” with a special focus on the maintenance and safety of vehicles within your fleet!


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Workforce Management & The Return On Investment: Timekeeping

The journey to optimum workforce management is a long and difficult one. Thankfully, we’ve been able to navigate the beginning portion of our trek with the aid of two “maps” on wireless forms and dispatching, respectively. As we continue this adventure, we encounter an aspect of workforce management that can be a figurative jungle to navigate: Timekeeping.

Time may, in fact, be the most precious resource available to man. Finite as it is, time becomes an extremely expensive commodity; the age-old idiom “time is money” comes to any business owner’s mind each time they review employee timesheets.

We return to the example of Paul’s Pool Cleaning Company:

Paul has expanded his company since we last visited him. He currently employs ten pool cleaners who are each supposed to work a standard eight-hour workday. The average hourly wages for a pool cleaner in the United States is $12.15.


X     8


X    10


Paul is paying out $970.20 each day for work for hours worked. With twenty work days in a month, Paul ends up shelling out $19, 440 a month to his employees. Assuming Paul has utilized a dispatching solution after our discussion last week, we know his employees are cleaning six pools a day and 1200 pools a month. At $100 per pool, Paul’s employees are generating $120,000 a month.

Now, let us assume Paul has his employees turn in paper timesheets at the end of each workday. On every timesheet, each worker is logging an hour of overtime each day that they have not worked. Overtime pay is time-and-a-half, resulting in Paul’s employees receiving $18.23 for one hour of work, or $115.43 each day. Operating within a standard work month we get:


X      20


X       10


Each month, Paul is paying nearly four thousand dollars for hours inaccurately reported. With a timekeeping solution that can keep track of where his employees clock in and out, thereby keeping them accountable for any extra hours worked, we see the immediate return on investment for Paul’s Pool Cleaning Company. Since his employees can clock in and out directly on their handheld device, they no longer have to return to the office to punch a timecard or turn in a timesheet, saving fuel and extra time paid for travel. These numbers do not take into account the amount of money spent handling the other costs associated with traditional timekeeping; storage costs, printing costs, staff costs, and other additional costs. Time is money and money is time; to make the best of both, a timekeeping solution is definitely a door worth opening!

Next week, we continue our series with “Workforce Management & The Return On Investment: Vehicles.”

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Workforce Management & The Return On Investment: Wireless Forms

At its core, workforce management is defined as the processes and activities required to create and maintain a productive workforce. As a business entity, virtually every aspect of your company is influenced by workforce management. The synergy of these aspects generates the success by which third parties evaluate your business.

Any success is worth celebration, but the opportunity for improvement is omnipresent. Increasing the efficiency of your workforce enables your organization to free up previously misused time for strategic initiatives. There are several methods to increase workforce efficiency, one of which is by transitioning to ‘Wireless Forms.’

At its core, workforce management is defined as the processes and activities required to create and maintain a productive workforce. As a business entity, virtually every aspect of your company is influenced by workforce management. The synergy of these aspects generates the success by which third parties evaluate your business.

Any success is worth celebration, but the opportunity for improvement is omnipresent. Increasing the efficiency of your workforce enables your organization to free up previously misused time for strategic initiatives. There are several methods to increase workforce efficiency, one of which is by transitioning to ‘Wireless Forms.’

Going paperless opens the door to savings of both time and money. While this sounds good, there is definitely plenty of bite to back up this bark. Let’s crunch some real numbers. For instance:

Paul’s Pool Cleaning Company has 5 employees and each one does an average of 5 jobs a day. Each job has a triplicate paper form they fill out. In total, that is 25 forms a day, or 500 forms a month.

Let’s break Paul’s Pool Cleaning Company’s situation down into four key areas:

I.                     Printing Costs – Ordering 500 custom forms costs Paul $90.00 a month! By transitioning to wireless forms, the cost of paper forms is immediately reduced. The savings can then be allocated elsewhere, expanding Paul’s company’s boundaries.

II.                   Storage Costs – Paul is buying file cabinets every year to store these forms. In addition to the cabinets, he purchases office space for the cabinets and offsite storage when he runs out of room. Shifting to wireless forms, Paul could eliminate these expenses and save approximately $2,280.00 a year!

III.                 Staff Time – Paul’s accountant is spending 2-3 hours a day filing or retrieving files, plus a monthly trip to the offsite storage. These actions culminate in 831 total hours a year spent dedicated to them. Given the national average of $13.00 an hour for a filing clerk position, Paul can save $10,803 in salary annually by transitioning to paperless forms.

IV.                Other Costs – Additional costs such as courier fees, postage, shredding services, etc. can potentially arise and quickly add up while Paul utilizes paper forms.

By switching to wireless forms, Paul’s Pool Cleaning Company can expect a total savings of $14,000.00 annually. The impact going paperless has on the efficiency of your workforce is tangible in both the money and time saved. If you’re looking to increase your productivity while decreasing your costs, wireless forms is an avenue worth exploring!

Next week, we explore the “Workforce Management & The Return on Investment: Dispatching.”

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