Introducing Encore’s Self-Help Wizard

We’re always looking for ways to help improve your experience when using our mobile solution. So we’re happy to announce the launch of a brand new tool now available to all of our customers. The Encore Self-Help Wizard is an interactive troubleshooting guide that gives you the ability to navigate your way to answers for a wide assortment of the most common issues you may encounter when using our software.

This gives you the option of bypassing the necessity of reaching out to our Tech Support team for those simple, easy-to-fix matters. But most importantly, it gives you access to a robust resource you can rely on during evenings and weekends when our representatives are not available.

The Self-Help Wizard lets you choose between device and web support. From there, you can select from a list of problems, including the inability to log in, reports not emailing properly, devices not tracking, and excessive battery draining, among others. Once the issue is identified, a solution (or series of potential solutions) is displayed, walking you through the process of correcting the situation themselves.

In most circumstances, the Self-Help Wizard should be exactly what you need to quickly correct the issue and get back to doing what you do best: running a successful, efficient business. But if the technical issue at hand requires additional support from one of our experts, you can request a callback directly through the tutorial and one of our representatives will reach out as soon as possible.

Though we strive to give you as smooth an experience with as little interruption as possible, we do know that hiccups are bound to happen. We hope this additional layer of support proves to be a useful tool for you and keep things moving as efficiently as possible.

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