Holiday Travel and Fleet Tracking

As we discussed recently, Thanksgiving is the holiday that ushers in the unofficial start to the end-of-year holiday travel season. And it’s no secret that, particularly during this exceptionally busy travel season, you can expect to pay a premium when it comes to air transportation. This year, travelers can expect to pay nearly $400 for domestic round-trip airfare, a pretty steep price to pay (especially this time of year) when budgets are stretched thin by the spirit of giving.

So it should come as no surprise that many travelers choose to seek out alternative modes of travel during the winter months, all in the name of saving money. (Not to mention, for relatively local travel, it can be a time-saver and it alleviates you of the added stress of dealing with airports when crowds are at their worst.)

Because of this, bus travel has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. With new, growing numbers of passengers taking to the road instead of the air, the industry quickly realized it had to adapt to a wide variety of travel preferences. This resulted in a whole slew of enhancements being made, including the addition of amenities like Wi-Fi, on-screen entertainment, satellite radio, and even meals served. Travelers can now even choose between ultra-affordable, middle-of-the-road, and luxury buses.

What does all of this mean for you, as a transportation provider? Passengers have come to expect a lot more, and they want you to deliver. Just like the airlines some now use as a backup plan, they want to know that their bus will pick them up, depart, and arrive at the intended destination on time.

Our solution means that you can keep track of every bus in your fleet, so you know exactly where each vehicle is, in near real-time. Because of the flexibility of our software and its ability to integrate with other programs, you can feed this information into tools that then relay it to your customers, keeping them as up-to-date as possible.

Additionally, during a time when congestion on the roads (particularly highways) can be at peak levels, we can help you relay alternative route suggestions to drivers that can allow them to bypass as much as possible. You’ll save on the expense from gas wasted while needlessly idling in potentially avoidable traffic and keep all those eager travelers appeased. (Trust us. Even as passengers, anxiety while stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic is a real thing.)

Driver safety is another factor that directly impacts both your bottom line and customer satisfaction. With our tracking devices, you can keep a record of your driver’s behavior, including speeding, hard accelerating, and hard braking. Speeding puts your driver, your fleet, and your customers at risk, which can then lead to major expenses, whether from a damaged reputation or (worse) actual injuries suffered. Hard acceleration is a great way to waste gas. And hard braking is dangerous and makes your passengers uncomfortable.

If you haven’t implemented any vehicle tracking into your fleet before now, you’re doing yourself, your company, and your customers a great disservice. We can help you deliver a tremendous experience while also putting money back into your pocket. And there’s no better time to take your company to the next level than right now, as we approach one of the biggest travel times of the year.

You’ll thank us. And then your customers will thank you.

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5 Minutes With … Actsoft Customer Experience

In our years of providing companies around the globe with digital solutions to help streamline processes, diminish inefficiencies, reduce waste, and save money, we’ve had the opportunity to get to know all sorts of customers. As great as it’s been getting to know everyone, we started to wonder: How much do our customers really know about us?

So we decided it was time to let you get to know us a little better. As part of our new series, “5 Minutes With …” we’ll be talking with members of the team from different departments around the company. In doing so, we hope to give you a little bit of insight into what it’s like behind the scenes at Actsoft … a glimpse behind the curtain, so to speak.

This week, we’ll be talking with Tyrell Seabrook. As a member of our Customer Experience team, Tyrell is one of the guys responsible for helping onboard new customers, getting them started with our software; helping them troubleshoot any questions they have along the way; and periodically phoning customers to make sure everything is okay.

What is your position with Actsoft?
Customer Advisor.

How long have you worked with the company?
Ten months.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I was born in Brooklyn, NY, and when I was about 8 years old I moved to the Bronx, NY. Growing up we traveled a lot so I have explored most of the Caribbean Islands, 25-plus states, and I lived in Europe during my senior year of college. I am also an Eagle Scout (not a card-carrying member) and hold a yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do. I have been working, since I was about 14, at various places: yogurt shop, aquarium, summer camp, gas station, and the cable company. Two fun facts: I still have a baby tooth and I am ambidextrous … found that out in college.

What does a typical day look like for you?
A typical day for me is as follows: I brew and drink the strongest pot of coffee. [Then I] check my emails and calendar to see if we have launched any updates or if any customers need assistance. I write out my list of calls for the day and place any accounts that need help at the top. I begin by calling my customers by time zone, and then respond to emails that may have come in while I was on the phone. After my calls and emails are good, I do a little victory dance to celebrate that I love my job.

Describe a positive experience you’ve had on the CX floor. 
Every day is a positive experience because I work with one of the best teams in the building. My CX family is loud, crazy, and funny. In my short time here, I can honestly say that I have a family with such a diverse background, with big hearts.

What types of challenges do you face and how do you overcome them?
I would say time is one of my biggest challenges. Some days you come in and have a bunch of customers who would like some additional training. However, you may already have a set schedule for the day and may need to rearrange it to accommodate. Usually, I make a list of all my appointments and see if I have some open spots. After doing that, I call my customer and double check to see if they would still like to proceed [with training]. (Because anything can happen in a day.) Following any updates, I proceed to use time management to reach my goals and make sure people know that we really care about their business.

In what ways have you grown since starting with Actsoft?
When I first started here, I was so unconfident with my work. I was constantly nervous that I wasn’t going to learn the product or [that I would] mess up an account. Now, being with the company for almost a year, my confidence is through the roof. I really just want to thank my leadership for believing in me and letting me be my best self.

What advice would you give prospects looking to begin a career with Actsoft’s CX department?
It’s just like learning how to ride a bike: Training may be a little scary because you are just learning to balance the product knowledge and learning our ways, but with practice you’ll be up and riding in no time. We are such a family in this department, it’s so amazing. I [sometimes] ask myself, “What was I doing before Actsoft?” And I draw a blank because all I see are the good times here. So please, if you would love to join our “family,” come on in! The water is fine!

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