Job Dispatching

Coordinate remote employees more accurately with Encore Job Dispatching. Relay updates and receive information about the status of the field with mobile and tablet devices.

Assign jobs and updates to workers efficiently

Review Orders

Allow workers in the field the ability to see all of the jobs currently dispatched to them. Remove any confusion when it comes to understanding their workloads.

Order Details

Remote workers can view detailed information regarding each job. Examine specifics such as job location, in addition to any notes associated with their assignment.

Custom Statuses & Services

Create a new “status” for a work order that relays the progress on the task. Creating a new “service” allows you to group different tasks together, depending on the types of work your company performs.


Relay information to your mobile workforce from your dashboard. Message a single worker or create a group of employees and quickly send a message to all of them through an internal and secure network.

Dispatching Scheduler

The Dispatching Scheduler is an efficient digital agenda for orders and job coordination. Your dispatchers can use it to plan out employee schedules in advance, see order statuses change by color code, drag and drop unassigned orders onto user schedules, and more. Also use it to set job durations and create service delivery windows for more accurate customer location arrival times.

  • Distribute workloads more evenly to boost productivity
  • Improve customer service with better scheduling
  • Receive more information about employee statuses in near real-time

Administrator Point of View

Orchestrate your entire workforce in order to keep them operating at their highest ability. Establish a constant channel of communication between your headquarters and employees in the field. Address customer service issues by increasing transparency when it comes to job expectations and completion times. Work smarter and more efficiently, as you move the proper personnel to the locations where they are needed the most.


Eliminate the need for your workers to return to headquarters for new job orders. Issue new orders through the web application by simply dragging and dropping, and utilize the time saved to accomplish more jobs.

Closest To

View the employees nearest a job request and coordinate your workforce accordingly. Cut down on time spent in transit and potentially increase customer satisfaction with your speedy arrivals.


Maintain an overview of orders within your system as they are updated in near real-time. View active orders, see order workload trends, and review order status statistics.