GPS Tracking

Pinpoint and monitor activities and unique data entries in near real-time. View GPS locations for specific people, vehicles, and assets to increase overall workforce accountability.

Pinpoint employees and vehicles in the blink of an eye


Establish virtual perimeters around high-priority locations to monitor who arrives and departs and when they do so. The virtual boundary of the geofence takes the shape of either a circle or a polygon (with up to thirty perimeter points), providing complete control of the area it encompasses. When anyone enters or departs a geofenced area, an alert can be immediately emailed to administrators who are in need of such information.

Event-Based Tracking

Maintain constant awareness of the activities your workers complete with an intuitive and sophisticated web-dashboard. Workers can relay information about their jobs in near real-time, increasing coordination and accountability throughout your company. GPS Location stamps allow managers to verify employee locations, including pulling up a “breadcrumb trail” of where a worker traveled throughout the day.


Reinforce workforce integrity by receiving notifications when drivers meet specific criteria. Be proactive in maintaining vehicles and sustain constant awareness over a specific location while completing other tasks.

Speeding alerts

Stop alerts

Arrival alerts

Departure alerts

Keep in/keep out alerts

Adjustable Ping Rate*

Customize your tracking ping rates to fit the needs of your operation. Device ping rates can be set to fire anywhere from once every 10 seconds to once every 999 seconds, giving you full control over the way you’d like to protect your fleet vehicles and assets.

  • Enhance workforce safety with more immediate information reception
  • More accurate historical routes taken allows for better fuel mileage tracking
  • Add more versatility to your business’s operations
*Available exclusively on Encore’s Vault tier.

Administrator Point of View

Strengthen your workforce’s transparency and streamline your operations with GPS Tracking. Encore’s web-dashboard grants you a live view of your employees and the data they input as it relates to their current jobs.

What you can do in live view

Manage employee activity patterns and discern whether a more efficient option is available to optimize job completion.
Increase your productivity accomplishing other tasks while still maintaining awareness of high-priority locations.
Boost productivity and create peace of mind by establishing an atmosphere of accountability between your employees and their managers.

Manager App View

With the Manager App, you can see the positions of your employees while away from the office. This style of view is accessed through Encore’s mobile app for smartphones and tablets, and it brings even more versatility to your daily operations.

  • Monitor your mobile staff’s near real-time locations without having to remain stationary.
  • Effectively manage your workforce while on the go.

Traffic Overlay on Maps

Place near real-time traffic grids onto your solution’s live view map, and make better decisions about which routes mobile employees should take to job sites.

  • Stay up-to-date with roadway congestion in near real-time.
  • Increase efficiency through smarter route planning.
  • Save time and fuel.


Your developers can integrate important locational and route history data with existing third-party systems using GPS APIs.

  • Consolidate your company’s valuable information.
  • Improve your development team’s accessibility to GPS data from the field.
  • Save time and money by streamlining processes.

GPS Tracking Schedules

Set custom timeframes for your employees to be tracked, and monitor them only while they’re on the clock. GPS tracking schedules allow you to protect employee privacy, and respect union concerns outside of staff working hours.

Tracking History

Retrieve driver route history at any given moment. Ensure drivers are using the most efficient path to visit their designated locations. History reports featuring "breadcrumb trails" can be pulled up, displaying where employees have traveled throughout any given workday.

Detailed Reporting

Gather and display data on how your workers are operating in the field. Retrieve information on a single user or a custom group over a period of up to 90 days that encompasses alert details, speeding reports, stops, mileage, geofence history, start and stop times, and a tracking summary.