Fleet Tracking

Improve near real-time decision-making, minimize vehicle loss/theft, curb unauthorized usage, and reduce high maintenance costs with the intuitive features offered by Encore.

Analyze vehicle statuses to keep them operational

GPS Tracking

Track vehicles from any web browser. Monitor near real-time or historical information for any single vehicle or specific groups. Quickly locate where vehicles are on a live-view map and monitor their activities.


Geofences are virtual boundaries that can be set around high-priority locations in order to alert administrators of whether vehicles arrive at or depart from the places deemed important. Set up custom geofences in circular or polygonal area for complete customization.


Alerts are designed to keep administrators aware of what’s happening with vehicles. Monitor everything from idle times to instances of aggressive driving. The data alerts provided make it possible to critique drivers on the way they operate vehicles and potentially create more effective maintenance plans. Alerts can also be assigned to specific groups of users, allowing you to customize the types of notifications you receive about certain fleet vehicles and the drivers assigned to them. Types of alerts include:

Aggressive driving (hard braking, rapid acceleration) alerts

Stopped alerts

Excessive idling alerts

Geofence alerts

Vehicle event (check engine, low battery, ignition on/off) alerts

Device tamper alerts

Administrator Point of View

Monitor and account for the status of your fleet vehicles at all times. Change bad habits before they negatively affect your business. Eliminate unauthorized scenic routes or excessive breaks with company vehicles. Easily pinpoint any areas for improvement regarding vehicle usage.

Vehicle Summary

Aggregate information regarding your fleet so administrators can view a snapshot displaying the statuses and conditions of individual vehicles. View charts and summaries of usage, run times, idling, mileage, and violations all on a single page.

Vehicle Summary uses the information from other dashboards and puts it all together in a single, easy-to-analyze location
Examine fleet vehicle metrics (mileage, idle and run times, etc.)

Driver Score Card

Quickly see what type of drivers your employees are, at a glance. Driver scorecard presents information like aggressive driving habits, speeding, idling, and geofence events and scores drivers on a point system.

Shine a spotlight on drivers setting a good example, or pinpoint drivers who may need to improve.
Promote healthy competition among drivers to improve habits, while increasing accountability and responsibility for fleet vehicles.

Compatible Devices

Encore works seamlessly with easily installed CalAmp and Geotab devices to provide unparalleled insight into your fleet’s daily activities. The solution’s GPS Tracking feature displays data collected by these hardware types on its dashboard to help you ensure your business’s vehicles remain protected against unauthorized usage and incorrect operation.

Geotab GO9

Use the Geotab GO9’s vast array of capabilities in tandem with the power of your Actsoft solution for a truly robust fleet management experience. Compatible with any vehicle’s OBD II port, the Geotab GO9 is able to collect and report detailed driving data; provide battery and engine health diagnostics; pick up precise vehicle movements with a built-in, auto-calibrating accelerometer and gyroscope; and more.

Connects to LTE networks
Sends advanced collision detection alerts
Provides enhanced data security
IOX port offers compatibility with additional hardware

LMU | 3000 Series

CalAmp devices in the LMU 3000 series plug into the OBD II ports of most cars, vans, and light-medium duty trucks. The device is small and discreet so it won’t distract drivers from their jobs while it reports vehicle information and driver behavior back to administrators.

Plugs into OBD II Port (compatible with most cars, vans, and light-med duty trucks)
GPS intervals 60 seconds or longer
Dimensions: 1.7 x 2.5 x 1″

LMU | 2600 Series

Built to last, CalAmp devices in the 2600 Series focus on continuously delivering information. These devices are ideal for monitoring fleet vehicle activity and responding instantaneously to pre-defined threshold conditions related to time, date, motion, location, and much more.

Internal or external antenna options
Power management/sleep modes
Dimensions: 2 x 4 x 0.85”