Wisconsin Mill Explosion – Actsoft in Emergencies

An explosion tore through a corn and ethanol mill in Cambria, Wisconsin late on Wednesday, June 1 2017. The subsequent fire claimed the lives of three employees within the plant and wounded over a dozen more.  The cause of the explosion remains unknown, but medical helicopters and several fire departments quickly responded to the blaze.

While the cause of the explosion is still a mystery, its effects are severe and long lasting. As with any emergency, the aftermath always begs one question from those involved: How can we do better next time?

While an ideal world would see no emergencies, we must realistically assume they will happen and prepare ourselves accordingly. In an environment like the corn mill, an efficiently coordinated response in the face of an emergency is the difference between a successful evacuation and a tragedy. While every organization has established plans “in case of emergency,” it is commonly believed that most plans go out the window in the face of a crisis. In order to combat the inevitable confusion that follows the collapse of a plan, transparency is key in the event of an emergency.

Actsoft facilitates transparency between workers and managers in a factory environment with its mobile device solutions. From a web portal, managers can relay messages across their workforce in order to coordinate their movements during an emergency. Furthermore, managers can establish groups of workers in order to deliver instructions that are more specific to intended groups of workers.

The tracking capabilities of Actsoft’s solutions enable constant visibility of employees in near real-time. During an emergency where workers are unaccounted for and/or trapped, the speed at which rescue teams can find them becomes imperative to their survival. As long as their mobile devices maintain their transmission and remain on their person, the tracking features will help ensure that any lost employees are found.

Emergencies are both unfortunate and unavoidable. We can plan a reaction to them, but plans are rarely adhered to when tensions are through the roof. The next best thing to do is to plan for the confusion following a crisis and figure out ways to reduce it, while realigning everyone involved with the initial plan. Actsoft provides the software to create a safety net underneath a plan that has fallen through.


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Busting Burglars: Home Appliances & Tracking

Imagine having just slated a recently constructed home for closing. There could be anywhere from a few days to a week before the closing actually occurs. During this window, appliances are installed within the home. This is also when thieves tend to target these homes to steal those appliances.

Charlotte, North Carolina experienced a string of burglaries last year that targeted the appliances within homes slated for closing. The perpetrators, in each instance, made off with thousands of dollars’ worth of appliances. Each appliance stolen is a loss incurred that has little-to-no chance of being resolved even if the perpetrators are captured.  Unfortunately, when items are stolen, the costs fall on the owners. It’s a reoccurring theme nationwide.

Elsewhere, over $30,000 worth of appliances were taken with neither the contractors nor the homeowners aware of their whereabouts. With the authorities stretched too thin to monitor every home slated for closing, and burglars not fading out of style anytime soon, what can you do to protect your assets?


In order to defend against thieves, tracking your assets is one of the primary choices to make. Utilizing GPS to remain aware of your assets’ locations and its impact were outlined in Workforce Management & The Return on Investment: Vehicles, Part I. While that piece focuses on maintaining awareness of large pieces of equipment, the concept of monitoring unattended equipment can be applied to household appliances.

Actsoft has the CalAmp TTU 620, a battery-powered device that can be attached to appliances once the homes are slated for closing. Once attached, the devices send a signal relaying its whereabouts as long as its batteries retain power, which can last up to an entire year depending on use. Its relatively small size makes the CalAmp TTU 620 the perfect companion for unattended appliances due to being unobtrusive and of low energy cost.


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