5 Minutes With … Actsoft Professional Services

Here at Actsoft, we decided to give you a little bit of a peek behind the curtain, so to speak … to have a chance to get to know some of our staff just a little bit. Over the years, we’ve had ample opportunity to get to know each of our customers, but the reverse can’t always be said. And we want to change that.

So we decided, one by one, we’d drop by each of our departments and sit down with one team member from each to get to know a little bit more about them and their role with Actsoft. This week, we’re speaking with Linda Brandt, who works with our Professional Services department. Linda is one of the team members responsible for helping our customers out with special projects, while also providing professional support for our own staff as needed.

What is your position with Actsoft?
Professional Services Support Specialist

How long have you worked with the company?
11 Years

Have you always held your current title?
I started as a product consultant (now known as a customer advisor). I moved on to Tech Support as a tier 1 support specialist. The next position I held was tier 2 support specialist. During this period, I started working on integrations and custom reports, but the Professional Services department did not exist yet.

Tell us a little about yourself.
Despite the silly rumors that I am French Canadian, I am actually a native Floridian with deep roots in Tampa. My mom was Spanish and Cuban. She grew up in Ybor City [Tampa]. Her family included cigar rollers, musicians, clothing designers, and restaurant owners. My dad’s family was Austrian and English. They were carpenters, masons, farmers, and artists. I grew up on a small home farm. I have milked a cow and hoed many a garden row. I love nature (especially the beach), reading, cooking, baking, dancing, and I am obsessed with music of all genres. Before working for Actsoft, I had many different types of jobs that ran the gamut from food service to teaching. Most of all, I am endlessly curious and have a bona fide thirst for knowledge.

What does a typical day look like for you?
My day starts with coffee. While drinking coffee, I read and respond to my emails. I split my work schedule between technical support for customers who have Professional Services projects, support for Customer Experience advisors that are upgrading or migrating customers with Professional Services projects, and acting as the subject matter expert on pre-sales calls for sales members. Those activities are scheduled, but in between, I field questions and provide on-demand support to those departments, and direct requests from customers.

Describe a positive experience you’ve had with Professional Services.
I do not have a specific example, but I do have a scenario that has played out many times.  It is very rewarding to be on a pre-sales call that leads to the potential client coming on board as a customer. It is satisfying to witness their journey through our process that ends with a Professional Services project as a solution. A solution that makes their business model more efficient and productive. One that I had a hand in constructing. A process that builds positive working relationships with both customers and co-workers.

What types of challenges do you face and what steps do you take to overcome them?
As a tech support specialist, I deal with challenges. The first thing I do is gather all the details of the issue and what was done previously to resolve it. Usually, I have a good idea of what is going on before I connect to the customer’s server, but seeing is believing. I rely heavily on experience, so sometimes it is just the process of elimination and testing the results. I love a good challenge!

In what ways have you grown since starting with Actsoft?
My critical thinking skills have definitely improved. I can see the big picture and analyze the connections in a way I did not before. I started in the Customer Experience department before going to Tech Support. This was a big advantage because if you do not know the user interface you can overthink a situation. Sometimes it is just a configuration issue, not a technical issue. In addition, I have learned practical applications of SQL querying and programming skills I learned in college.

What advice would you give prospects looking to begin a career with Actsoft’s Professional Services team?
Product knowledge is key no matter what department you are going to work in. Be flexible. Be willing to adapt. The only constant at Actsoft is change. This works for me because I love learning something new and hate being bored. Working in the Professional Services department combines a lot of different knowledge and skills. You need to be both creative and analytical. The ability to think outside the box is a necessary skill. You will act as a project manager, a salesperson, a data analyst, and a solution designer. The consultant has to take the Actsoft product and apply it to the customer’s business model to solve their efficiency and productivity issues with a deliverable product. Most of all, do not be afraid to ask questions. Rely on your team members’ experience. No one person can know it all. In addition, this is a great place to work. A bad day at Actsoft is still better than a good day somewhere else. This is a company with a heart and we are a family. Welcome.

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5 Minutes With … Actsoft Sales

We recently launched a new series on our blog called “5 Minutes With …” Through this series, we want to give you a look at the inner workings at Actsoft. Since we’ve grown to learn so much about you and your businesses over the years, we want to give you a chance to learn a little more about us.

This week, we decided to sit down with a member of our team that is pivotal in making that first connection with you, our valued customers. Trae Robinson is a member of our sales team. As a sales executive, it’s his job to reach out to connect with customers and provide details about how our mobile solutions can help them.

What is your position with Actsoft?
Sales Accounting Executive

How long have you worked with the company?
Nine months.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I was born in Louisiana, graduated from USF (University of South Florida), and am a motorcycle enthusiast, Florida beach bum, and certified scuba diver. My favorite food is crab legs; favorite drink is bourbon. Something on my bucket list: camel racing in Dubai.

What does a typical day look like for you?
I contact cellphone carrier sales reps, run team meetings and customer presentations, answer pricing questions, send out email campaigns, and follow up with existing customers.

Describe a positive experience you’ve had on the sales floor.
There was a [new] customer who had a very tight implementation deadline because they were about to go on vacation for months. I was doubtful [at first] that we could meet the customer’s demands, [and was pleasantly] surprised at how quickly each department was able to step up and expedite the opportunity. The synergy from order processing, to accounting, to fulfillment, to [customer experience] was amazing. Actsoft is a well-oiled machine.

What types of challenges do you face and how do you overcome them?
Understanding the internal processing for creating accounts and orders. I research our documents and speak with resources [within Actsoft]. I also work with accounting, order processing, and revenue assurance to help better understand our processes.

In what ways have you grown since starting with Actsoft?
Working here has been incredible. I have been challenged to be more organized and to leverage technology to be more efficient. The Dream Achievers and Toastmasters programs have also been very instrumental in my development so far.

What advice would you give prospects looking to begin a career with Actsoft’s sales department?
Working in sales can be equal parts exhilarating, rewarding, and stressful. I believe anyone can be taught how to be a great salesperson, but it will take some effort. The skills you can learn in sales, like negotiation, persistence, building rapport, closing, and becoming an effective communicator — to name a few — can [also] be useful in your personal life. Understanding the sales process and how to build customer relationships is incredibly important, regardless of the career or industry you choose. The more intimidating or scary a position in sales may sound, the more you need to take one.

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Industry Spotlight: Actsoft Solutions in Agriculture

Agriculture has remained essential to human existence over the course of history. As society has developed, the process of growing and harvesting crops has become even more efficient than ever before, thanks to developments in technology over time which have helped this particular industry expand in terms of both volume and future potential. Farming is also an industry that’s proving to be more and more crucial as the world’s populace continues to increase. Still, it’s no easy feat to coordinate and provide a constant supply of food internationally.

To help facilitate this vertical’s around-the-clock processes, Actsoft solutions are here to provide practical applications for better operations management. These three features of our business solutions in particular are some of the most crucial for companies in the industry of agriculture, primarily due to their ability to enhance efficiency and keep valuable equipment in the field safe.

Asset Tracking

With Asset Tracking, farming businesses can keep tabs on the positions of important tools such as harvesting equipment and transportation supplies at virtually any time of the day. Collecting and distributing huge portions of crops in today’s age requires the use of heavy machinery to accomplish, and often times that heavy machinery isn’t cheap. Keep your agriculture company’s assets and equipment safeguarded 24/7 by using Asset Tracking to monitor them via GPS technology.

Wireless Forms

As another addition to the repertoire of the modern workforce, Wireless Forms’ applications in farming are frequently underestimated. Use this feature to streamline information flows on a digital scale, and complete documents such as orders, equipment repair forms, and data logs about harvest yields without having to deal with the inconveniences of paper.


Alerts are able to add further security to assets by sending automatic notifications to property owners if a piece of equipment is moved without their authorization. In certain cases, Alerts is a feature that can also enable farmers to prolong the lifespan of their vehicular equipment by reminding them whenever routine maintenance needs to be performed. Through intelligent reporting, this capability helps agriculture businesses save on their bottom line by helping to reduce instances of equipment loss, and prevent cases of possible damage from occurring.

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5 Minutes With … Actsoft Customer Experience

In our years of providing companies around the globe with digital solutions to help streamline processes, diminish inefficiencies, reduce waste, and save money, we’ve had the opportunity to get to know all sorts of customers. As great as it’s been getting to know everyone, we started to wonder: How much do our customers really know about us?

So we decided it was time to let you get to know us a little better. As part of our new series, “5 Minutes With …” we’ll be talking with members of the team from different departments around the company. In doing so, we hope to give you a little bit of insight into what it’s like behind the scenes at Actsoft … a glimpse behind the curtain, so to speak.

This week, we’ll be talking with Tyrell Seabrook. As a member of our Customer Experience team, Tyrell is one of the guys responsible for helping onboard new customers, getting them started with our software; helping them troubleshoot any questions they have along the way; and periodically phoning customers to make sure everything is okay.

What is your position with Actsoft?
Customer Advisor.

How long have you worked with the company?
Ten months.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I was born in Brooklyn, NY, and when I was about 8 years old I moved to the Bronx, NY. Growing up we traveled a lot so I have explored most of the Caribbean Islands, 25-plus states, and I lived in Europe during my senior year of college. I am also an Eagle Scout (not a card-carrying member) and hold a yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do. I have been working, since I was about 14, at various places: yogurt shop, aquarium, summer camp, gas station, and the cable company. Two fun facts: I still have a baby tooth and I am ambidextrous … found that out in college.

What does a typical day look like for you?
A typical day for me is as follows: I brew and drink the strongest pot of coffee. [Then I] check my emails and calendar to see if we have launched any updates or if any customers need assistance. I write out my list of calls for the day and place any accounts that need help at the top. I begin by calling my customers by time zone, and then respond to emails that may have come in while I was on the phone. After my calls and emails are good, I do a little victory dance to celebrate that I love my job.

Describe a positive experience you’ve had on the CX floor. 
Every day is a positive experience because I work with one of the best teams in the building. My CX family is loud, crazy, and funny. In my short time here, I can honestly say that I have a family with such a diverse background, with big hearts.

What types of challenges do you face and how do you overcome them?
I would say time is one of my biggest challenges. Some days you come in and have a bunch of customers who would like some additional training. However, you may already have a set schedule for the day and may need to rearrange it to accommodate. Usually, I make a list of all my appointments and see if I have some open spots. After doing that, I call my customer and double check to see if they would still like to proceed [with training]. (Because anything can happen in a day.) Following any updates, I proceed to use time management to reach my goals and make sure people know that we really care about their business.

In what ways have you grown since starting with Actsoft?
When I first started here, I was so unconfident with my work. I was constantly nervous that I wasn’t going to learn the product or [that I would] mess up an account. Now, being with the company for almost a year, my confidence is through the roof. I really just want to thank my leadership for believing in me and letting me be my best self.

What advice would you give prospects looking to begin a career with Actsoft’s CX department?
It’s just like learning how to ride a bike: Training may be a little scary because you are just learning to balance the product knowledge and learning our ways, but with practice you’ll be up and riding in no time. We are such a family in this department, it’s so amazing. I [sometimes] ask myself, “What was I doing before Actsoft?” And I draw a blank because all I see are the good times here. So please, if you would love to join our “family,” come on in! The water is fine!

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ELD: The Future of Transportation

Automation is the name of the game in 2018.

Businesses are increasingly in search of ways to take old, cumbersome processes and revamp them into contemporary forces of efficiency, and transportation companies in particular are a prime example of this trend. Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) are becoming viewed as the true future of the shipping industry as a whole.

Demand for reliable ELD technology stems from the need to standardize the methods in which transportation companies go about complying with federal regulations. The Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration (FMCSA) has instituted mandates called Hours of Service (HoS) that require corporations to record and report certain information about their employees’ driving data. During roadside inspections, operators of semi-trucks must meet certain criteria derived from their logged information, particularly as it relates to drivers getting adequate amounts of rest. These HoS regulations were designed in part to help improve road safety, and reduce the potential for drivers to fall asleep at the wheel during lengthy cross-country travels.

If a corporation’s drivers don’t comply with HoS mandates, their business risks having to pay costly fines, or even worse: they may risk higher possibilities of car crashes involving employees. Injuries and lawsuits from roadway accidents are two things that all transportation companies seek to avoid as much as possible, which makes ELD an especially valuable tool of the 21st century.

ELD solutions help to improve operations for transportation companies by automating the logging of driver data, making it easier than ever for them to avoid HoS infractions. Our ELD solution is powered by VisTracks, and it relies on a unique software/hardware combination to track driving information. Through minimal training requirements, on-screen documentation tools, and easy-to-use administration features, our solution remains one of the most intuitive on the market.

With Actsoft’s fully FMCSA-certified ELD application, allow your company’s drivers to focus on driving safely and efficiently by digitizing their driving information. Let our solution eliminate the hassles of logging travel data, and in turn increase your team’s productivity, accuracy, and bottom line savings today.

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Useful Tips for Avoiding Traffic

As a regular factor for many commuters, heavy traffic can put a strain on mental health, car lifespans, and time management abilities. It can also end up costing drivers significantly more on fuel over time.

At Actsoft, we’ve realized that these negative factors of roadway congestion can hinder operations for companies with mobile workforces in particular. And while dealing with traffic is inevitable at times, there’s plenty of cases where it could’ve been avoided entirely by simply taking a better route, or getting equipped with smarter tools for planning ahead. Here’s three ways that our solutions can help businesses like yours circumvent the hassles of packed streets on a daily basis.

GPS tracking in near real-time

While traffic may be worsening in some developing areas and urban centers due to increasing amounts of cars on the road, the power of technology continues to advance. GPS tracking solutions like the ones we engineer now allow you to analyze, strategize, and optimize the daily processes of your workforce on the fly. With our GPS Tracking feature, you can see the locations of your dispersed workers, and find the most efficient ways to direct certain employees to new job sites in the field digitally. Traffic can certainly play a factor in how quickly an employee can get to a new job assignment, regardless of how far away they are. Use our applications to accurately monitor the positions of your mobile team members, and manage roadway congestion with ease.

Traffic Overlay

The toll of heavy traffic can cause your business to lose money in more ways than one. Prolonged instances of idle time accelerate vehicle wear-and-tear, stall productivity, and unnecessarily burn gasoline, making them something to consider reducing. Now, we’ve made it simpler than ever to keep vehicle idling at a minimum using our new Traffic Overlay feature.

As one of our latest enhancements to Encore, our flagship solution, Traffic Overlay gives you the ability to see near real-time traffic patterns on top of your dashboard’s live view maps. Look at which intersections or interstates have the heaviest amounts of traffic prior to sending out employees to work zones, and make smarter route decisions that will conserve more resources.

Optimize schedules

Rush hour remains one of the most constricted times of the day for traffic patterns, as commuters depart from their jobs all at once. Thankfully, our Timekeeping feature enables your remote employees to clock in and out directly from their mobile devices, eliminating any need for them to drive to the office and register time punches before starting or ending work. Get your staff to job assignments quicker, and allow them to get a head start on common rush hour traffic times using our powerful solutions.

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Natural Wonders: World’s Most Stunning Mountains

As we’ve discussed over the past few weeks, one of the lasting benefits from our solutions is the ability to dramatically reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Casting aside archaic paper forms in exchange for more efficient, eco-friendly digital forms; better choosing which employee to dispatch to job assignments based on proximity; and getting control of unnecessary idling time from your drivers all cut back on unnecessary waste. Plus, making these seemingly small changes also puts a lot of money back into your pocket.

This week, in continued celebration of the environmental impact our solutions help to impart on the world, we’re taking a look at some of the most stunning mountains from around the globe. These soaring peaks have provided a never-ending supply of inspiration, for artists and adventurers alike, and it’s no surprise why.

Vinicunca, Peru
Also known as Rainbow Mountain, it doesn’t take long to figure out where its moniker hails from. Its terrain is “painted” in a vibrant array of colors not commonly found on a mountainside; we’re talking stripes of lavender, turquoise, yellow, and maroon. Buried deep within the Peruvian Andes, it can be surprisingly difficult to find, despite its unique coloring, so hiring a local guide is probably the best bet. Spend a few days in Cusco, just four hours north, ahead of time to help acclimate to the altitude before embarking on the trek to the peak.

Matterhorn, Switzerland and Italy
Straddling the border of Switzerland and Italy, this bluff is most recognizable from the Swiss side, where its snowy peak towers above the rolling green hills below. Often said to be the most-photographed mountain in the world, it’s advised that you do so from a safe vantage point. (Read: from the ground.) Trekking to the top is only for the most-experienced climbers with top-notch equipment. However, there are lifts in the area that scoop visitors up to an elevation of more than 12,700 feet, for some truly breathtaking, up-close views of the goliath.

Mount Fuji, Japan
The tallest mountain range in Japan, this peak is almost instantly recognized by all as it’s become an iconic symbol of the region. (Plus, it was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2013.) While impressive in scope, Mount Fuji is actually easily accessible for hikers of all skill levels, though it’s suggested that those with less experience stick to the official climbing season, which runs from early July through mid-September, when conditions are safest. Huts line the trails and, for a nominal fee, travelers can break for meals, brief rests, or sleep.

Mù Cang Chải, Vietnam
Never before has rice been so beautiful. The name actually references an entire region filled with rice terrace fields carved into the sides of mountains, rather than one specific ridge. The resulting effect — during grain season, from mid-September through mid-October, when the rice is fully ripe — are mountainsides covered with vibrant, perfectly manicured steps of yellows and greens. It’s a sight unlike any other and draws in thousands of visitors each year. Conversely, visit earlier in the year during the rainy season (May and June), to see the mountainside steps flooded, resembling mirrored steps ascending the cliffs.

Ama Dablam, Nepal
The less-famous sibling to Mount Everest, this Himalayan peak holds its own. The 22,349-foot-tall mountain’s name translates to “mother’s necklace”; its name comes from the extended peaks on each side, which resemble a mother’s open arms, and a hanging glacier on the southwest side, which bears a resemblance to a sacred pendant traditionally worn by Sherpa women. Climbing to the summit is no easy task, but we’re perfectly happy admiring its splendor from the comfort of the ground.

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Encore Updates: Manager App, Security Enhancements, and More

At Actsoft, we’re constantly creating new ways to advance the power of our business solutions, and our latest product update is just another example of how we’re continuing to elevate the bar in both telematics and workforce management alike. Here’s everything that our latest release has to offer to users of Encore, our flagship solution.

Manager App

This new feature is designed to bring an extra measure of versatility to your mobile operations. With our Manager App, your company’s administrators can view the near real-time locations of dispersed employees and assets from a mobile device, eliminating any need for them to be tied down to a desktop computer. The Manager App view is directly accessible from within Encore’s mobile application, and it’s a powerful way to stay in touch with your workforce while on the go.


Your company’s developers are now able to access important locational data, and then integrate it with third-party systems such as GIS or weather mapping software. By providing another avenue of consolidation to the way your business manages its information, experience even greater efficiency when it comes to managing and analyzing the GPS positions of your employees.

Don’t have on staff developers? Let our Professional Services Team help you integrate Encore data with your existing software.

Tracking Schedules

We’ve recently engineered features that help your company comply better with union concerns about tracking employees outside of working hours. Using GPS tracking schedules, feel free to set specific time periods for when tracking will occur, aligning them to fit with the shift times of mobile workers. The Encore application can also easily be set to monitor worker positions only while they’re clocked in, allowing management to further respect of the privacy of staff members when they’re not at work.

Traffic Overlay

Reduce the negative impacts of roadway congestion on your team’s operations with Traffic Overlay. When dispatching mobile employees to job locations, use this feature to monitor traffic patterns on the fly, and strategically pick the best routes for your drivers to take.

Additional Alerts

Instances of logins and logouts of the Encore application by employees can now trigger alerts to administrators. Any time the Encore application is launched or crashed on a mobile device, supervisors will also be made aware, and they’re now able to know when an employee disables or enables the GPS Tracking feature on a handset via digital notifications.

With all of these exciting new updates to our Encore solution, go forward with a revamped application that provides continual peace of mind regarding your mobile workforce’s routine operations. Save your business time, money, and resources with our latest host of improvements leading the way.

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Q&A: Actsoft Interns Discuss Their Experiences

Here at Actsoft, we’re all about personal growth and development. Whether an employee is new to the company or a seasoned veteran, we strongly encourage everyone to learn as much as they can in order to shape their futures into something mutually beneficial. We have a storied history of employees moving through the ranks, spanning various departments, and helping us to grow as they too develop into more well-rounded people.

This encouragement of self-growth also transcends into our internship program. We welcome young adults, as they prepare themselves to enter the professional workforce, to join our team and learn the skills necessary to both help them with their studies and their future careers.

We sat down with two of our current interns, as they near the ends of their time with us, to see what their experience interning with Actsoft was like. Bria Bostick attends Florida State University, entering her final year with the school, and Albert Xing is a second-year student with Georgia Institute of Technology; both Actsoft interns are pursuing degrees in computer science.

What was your role as part of Actsoft’s internship program?
BB: My role at Actsoft was a Development Intern.
AX: Coming in with relatively limited experience, I worked mainly on an experimental project with Microsoft Flow. Flow is relatively less technical than some of the web development or handset options, so it was a good starting place for me.

What types of projects did you work on?
BB: I worked on creating an app called “CAB Clients.” The app is a basic app with an operation UI using data from the CAB customer API. It displays a list of order-dispatching clients using a UI table view. It also provides access to a detailed view which displays a map with a pin of the client’s location and the client’s contact information as well. Another feature the app has is that it calculates the distance between the user and the client’s location and displays it to the screen. The app also has a search bar feature that allows users to search their list of clients by name, address, city state, or postal code. This search will then display a filtered list of clients that match what is searched. The app is now getting ready for bug fixes in the workforce app.
AX: I’ve worked on creating flows and connectors with our QA/production API (which is also largely experimental). Microsoft Flow essentially meshes together different APIs and automates the functions without the need of monitoring. So, you could have something like the content of every new tweet (of the user you selected) be emailed to you, downloaded, etc. It’s still a very new product, and I’ve been working on sorting through that along with the customer API that we hope to implement at some point.

How would you describe your experience with Actsoft?
BB: I would describe my experience with Actsoft as a real-world experience. This wasn’t one of those internships that made you run errands or make someone’s coffee every day. I actually gained a lot of knowledge and experience from interning here. I was able to take part in some of the day-to-day tasks that some of the developers partake in. They included me in all the meetings they had so I could see how those operate. The internship was very hands-on, not just me sitting back watching someone show me what they do every day. I got to work with and see how the actual products that they provide to their clients operate.
AX: It’s been a pleasant experience so far, and I’ve learned quite a bit from working with James and the other developers. I came in with very limited experience/knowledge, so it was a blessing to have the opportunity to work on something new and experience what a work environment feels like, compared to classes.

What was one particular highlight from your time with Actsoft?
BB: I think [one of] my highlights from my time being at Actsoft would have to be the company meetings. It showed me how much of a family they are here.
AX: Going to meetings to present and discuss the progression of a project was a unique experience for me. The presentation I had to give to Professional Services was definitely a highlight, as I tried to go through some live demos and teach the basics of Microsoft Flow.

Any advice for future Actsoft interns?
BB: My advice to someone looking to intern at Actsoft would be: Be confident, be sociable, and be willing to learn. I would also tell them to be open to gaining as much knowledge as you can in such a short period of time, and get to know people in the different departments. Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask questions, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and be open to criticism.
AX: C# is probably a good language to have coming into the internship as web development isn’t really a feasible option here without it. I mostly only had experience with Python, which definitely limited some of my options.

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Geofences and City Construction

Constructing the megalopolises of today requires some of the most cutting-edge technology available. In a time where space in downtown areas is limited and building strategies have been trending upward rather than outward, the importance of modern tools to contractors can’t be understated.

These state-of-the-art tools come in many different forms, including both digital and mechanical ones. Workforces that are tasked with the responsibility of putting together an entire city’s infrastructure from the ground up need everything from heavy machinery to workforce management solutions continuously at their disposal, in order to complete projects in timely fashion.

On the workforce management side, Actsoft can help construction companies pinpoint the locations of their assets, fleet vehicles, and mobile workers in crowded urban environments. Features of our digital solutions such as Geofences allow for the establishment of up to 30 customized points around remote work zones, clearly defining the perimeters of job sites via GPS.

Using the power of Geofences, contracting workforces can further optimize their productivity levels, and provide near real-time information on what’s truly happening in the field back to their headquartered administrators. Once geofence boundaries have been set, businesses are able to use them in conjunction with other Actsoft features such as Alerts and Asset Tracking.

Companies dealing predominantly in high-rise and downtown construction in particular significantly benefit from our asset monitoring systems, because they’re versatile. Any time a piece of equipment enters or exits a geofence’s set boundaries, Alerts will automatically notify designated individuals within their organizations. And, as the shapes of geofences are highly customizable, any obstacles to plotting accurate site boundaries are out of sight and out of mind. Irregularly-shaped geofences in space-deficient city construction can be precisely drawn to contain everything that a business needs, and nothing it doesn’t.

Allow Actsoft to help your construction company improve the security of its valuable equipment, and ensure that your team is where it needs to be during routine workdays. With our solutions’ Geofences feature, explore all of the benefits that modern GPS technology is readily offering to your workforce.

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