Shipping During the Holiday Season and Actsoft Solutions

In 2017, UPS estimated that they’d be shipping nearly 750 million packages during the course of the entire holiday season. This year, that number isn’t likely to drop. With a steadily increasing number of gifts being given around Christmastime, companies that are in charge of package transportation must use technology and precision to ensure that there are as few delivery hiccups as possible.

At Actsoft, we engineer digital solutions that help streamline operations for companies in industries like transportation for both the driver and the administrator. By making things easier for all employees involved in the shipping process, our solutions help delivery businesses maintain efficiency, even during their busiest quarters of the year. Two applications in particular that we offer are essential for transportation companies: ELD and GPS Tracking.

Powered by VisTracks, our Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solution enables delivery drivers to focus strictly on safe and efficient driving by automatically logging their active time behind the wheel. Rather than having to manually fill out nationally mandated forms for Hours of Service (HOS), semi-truck operators can reach their destinations as quickly and safely as possible with instant documentation preventing their attention from being diverted toward cumbersome paperwork tasks. Information about rest compliance that’s automatically logged on a driver-by-driver basis is readily available to administrators and can help reduce their business’s potential to incur regulatory fines.

On the administrative side, our solutions’ GPS Tracking feature enables location positioning to help keep cargo and trucks safe, even if they become separated from one another. Track semi-truck trailers, the vehicles themselves, and even employees during working hours with accuracy from our software’s live view map. Monitoring all mobile operations via GPS technology helps keep fuel usage optimized, package containers secure, and drivers accountable.

With the power of Actsoft solutions, transportation businesses can maintain ultimate control on their operations. Cut costs for your delivery company and keep efficiency high throughout the frenzied pace of the holiday season using our mobile management software.

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What Makes Encore’s Wireless Forms Feature Dynamic?

Encore’s Wireless Forms feature offers a much more robust experience to companies than what traditional paperwork offers. By allowing your mobile employees to document and submit form data from a smartphone or tablet, the feature is able to harness all the capabilities of mobile technology to increase efficiency and detail with every form submission. Here are three specific ways Wireless Forms offers a more dynamic documentation process than traditional paperwork.

Dynamic fields

Perform anything from mathematical equations to signature captures with dynamic fields on Wireless Forms. These portions of a digital form provide more versatility and functionality than traditional paper documents, making the form completion process simpler, smarter, and more detailed. Four types of dynamic fields include:

  • Signature Capture (with a touchscreen device)
  • Photo Capture
  • Audio Capture
  • Barcode Scanning

Data analysis

Form data submitted back to the office from the field is formatted and collected on our Encore solution’s dashboard, making it easy for your administrative team to see and analyze graphical representations of all submitted data from your company’s mobile staff. Manual data entry is eliminated from paper forms to desktop computers, increasing your team’s productivity and providing it with extra insight on your workforce’s activities.

Faster information reception

Instead of having to drive truckloads of paperwork to and from the office, or worse, paying for security companies to transport it far distances, rely on Wireless Forms to transmit information nearly instantly on a highly safeguarded digital platform from mobile devices back to the office. Encore Vault’s heightened security levels are able to help keep document data secure at rest and in transit, allowing you to receive document submissions quickly and confidentially.

Reduce paper costs, damage from handwriting or mathematical errors, and wasted time with Wireless Forms. By providing your team with additional savings avenues, this feature of Encore adds documentation that’s truly dynamic to your workforce’s processes.

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Barcode Scanning: What’s Your Inventory IQ?

Do you rely on humans to keep track of inventory by counting units or making lists of what’s missing, low, or out of stock? If so, then you’re missing out on a simple piece of technology that can raise your inventory IQ exponentially: barcode scanning. This simple and inexpensive tool is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to keep your business running efficiently while saving you the big three: time, money, and headaches.

There’s no doubt that most inventory mistakes are made through simple human error. Over time these errors can lead to big problems, like customer service issues or lost revenue. With technology becoming more advanced and less expensive, the same smartphones that are being deployed across your enterprise also have scanning capabilities now so you don’t need to purchase additional equipment.

Companies such as Actsoft have the capability of importing barcodes into the mobile form solution which they are using to their customers’ advantage, even for small things, like keeping track of tools for plumbers or consumables such as toilet paper or hair dye in salons.

“Barcode scanning cuts down on training time; anyone can scan a barcode. In contrast, teaching someone complex manual inventory methods is a time-consuming endeavor that can take months for someone to execute efficiently. And even then there is the possibility, if not probability, of human error,” says Xavier Charles, director of marketing and training at Actsoft.

Mark Trumper of Maverick Label says, “Barcodes are easy to use for any collection of data that is necessary for your company. They can be used for pricing or for inventory collection information.  Codes can be attached to any product, and can therefore be used to identify any products or shipments that come in or out of your place of business.”

This versatility is one of the many priceless benefits of barcode scanners. Companies can use the exact same software to price items as they can to receive alerts for low stock or to find out exactly what equipment has been taken out of the office.

Precision, quickness, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness are compelling reasons to consider using barcode scanners in place of two hands and ten fingers. If you’re ready to make the switch, give Actsoft a call we can help you tighten up your operations and start scanning.

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Dark Phoenix and Rapid Business Growth

This weekend, comic book fans everywhere will flock to theaters to see the big-screen interpretation of beloved X-Men character Jean Grey as she descends into the chaotic, out-of-control Dark Phoenix. In the movie, the good-natured Grey finds herself unexpectedly wielding immense amounts of psychic powers that quickly compound exponentially, causing her to rapidly spiral out of control.

By now, you may be asking yourself: What the heck does any of this have to do with managing my remote workforce?

Work with me here. In the movie, Jean Grey struggles to maintain control of her powers as they expand way beyond her wildest expectations. While she always knew she was capable of great things, never before did she think her mutant abilities would grow to such levels. Because she hadn’t expected it, she never prepared for it, and so she was ill-equipped to manage it.

Similarly, when you’re running a business and you experience a burst in growth, you may find yourself struggling to keep up. The trick, of course, is to prepare yourself ahead of time. Implement the proper tools that give you the right kind of control over your business’s processes so that, if you do experience that sudden boost from out of the blue, you’re already in a good position to field the influx of necessary work to keep everything running smoothly.

That’s where our solution comes into play.

Implementing Encore into your company’s day-to-day operations gives you an additional level of control and organization, making the process of expansion — even if it comes from out of nowhere — much more manageable than if you were on your own.

Take our Job Dispatching feature. Using our software, you’re able to see the status of every available worker, including the number of work orders on their plates, as well as their current locations, whether they’re at a job site or on the road. Having access to this information, it’s much easier to make an educated decision when new work orders come in and you have to determine who to assign them to.  You can do so right in the application, without ever having to pick up the phone or require the worker to come back to the office to retrieve new assignments.

Once those work orders are disseminated to the crew, they can power through on-site paperwork faster than ever, thanks to our Wireless Forms. With such time-saving features as calculations (with no risk of math errors from trying to add things up in their heads) and decision logic (which skips over unnecessary sections or shows relevant ones based on previous responses), workers can fill these out quickly, freeing up more time to take on additional jobs. Plus, when your forms are digitized, you don’t have to worry about back-office mistakes made from misinterpreting chicken scratch handwriting or forms being lost in transit.

If your sudden business boom means you’ll be dealing with the production and/or distribution of a lot of inventory, you’ll really love Barcode Scanning. This is used in conjunction with our Wireless Forms feature and can really speed up the act of checking products in or out of the warehouse. Rather than manually count each box that comes or goes, simply scan barcodes as they are loaded or offloaded from the delivery truck. You’ll greatly reduce the risk of human error and have a much more accurate accounting of your inventory.

And of course, as you grow, so will your team. It’s inevitable. That’s when our Messaging feature comes into play. With it, you can quickly and easily send group (or individual, if need be) messages in order to make sure important updates are received by all, regardless of whether or not they’re in the office or out in the field. This helps keep everyone on the same page and, depending on the update, can also keep your workers safe.

We’ve barely begun to scratch the surface here, but one thing is for certain: Bringing Encore into your life is a surefire way to streamline your day-to-day operations so that, when the unexpected arises, you don’t spiral out of control like Jean Grey.

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HVAC 911: Winter Emergencies and How to Ramp Up Your Service

When temperatures drop, calls requesting HVAC service start to rise because nobody wants to spend winter in the cold when their heater stops working. In warmer states like Texas and Florida, many heaters break just in time for the colder months because all year they’re simply collecting dust, and those particles can damage heaters.

Handling these emergency calls efficiently and professionally can both save you money while it makes you thousands of extra dollars and dozens of happy customers. Of course, by mishandling calls — being late, not showing up, double booking, and poor route management, your company can miss out on lucrative jobs, get terrible reviews and lose potential lifelong clients.

This leads us to the million-dollar question: How can HVAC companies best handle a surge in calls during the winter season?

The simple answer is: by streamlining operations on both the front and back ends using simple software solutions for computers and mobile devices. These solutions, such as Actsoft’s suite of tools, enable your office and your drivers to communicate quickly, clearly, and effectively.

For example with GPS Tracking, your dispatcher can see (in near real-time) where your drivers are, if they’re still with clients, and who is closest to the next job. With this information, they can immediately send an alert to the driver’s mobile phone with the new job assignment.

This is also a useful feature in giving customers accurate time estimates, so they know when to expect a driver to arrive. By looking at the driver map, office personnel can see the distance between a driver and a customer. This type of information is invaluable when you’re dealing with heavy volume.

On top of the incredible customer service benefits, GPS tracking also helps to drastically cut down on fuel costs by optimizing routes and finding the shortest distances, while also avoiding congestion, for drivers to travel. Over months of use, this technology can save your company thousands of dollars.

Wireless Forms
Enhance your service even more by executing paperwork quickly and clearly with digital forms. Just like any form on a website, solutions like our Wireless Forms allow you to create your forms digitally and then deploy them to mobile devices. This means your employee can simply pull up a form, the client can read and sign it via an electronic signature, and the employee can send that form straight to the office for processing. This eliminates the possibility of technical errors (illegible handwriting, missing forms, etc.), thus delaying service and creating a huge back-up of customers waiting for assistance. It also eliminates the problems of losing forms or having to make extra trips to the office to drop them off or pick new ones up.

Barcode Inventory
Another great asset during the busy season is using barcode scanning to keep track of tools and inventory. When you have several drivers on the field juggling many requests it’s easy to forget to order more supplies; before you know it, you’re out of the material you need to do a job. This means you’re not only losing money on that project, but your lost customer is now taking their business to a competitor — which could be a lifelong customer loss for you.

By using a simple tool like Barcode Scanning, your techs simply scan each part as they use it; that information is tracked, and when the supply dips below a predetermined amount an alert is sent to the office personnel to reorder more supplies.

If you’re ready to boost your company’s efficiency for just pennies a day, call an Actsoft rep today and will walk you through our line of solutions geared to save and make you money.

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