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Tips on how to keep your business from going bankrupt
This fiscal year, some companies will be faced with decreased sales, delinquent payments, and in the worst case scenarios bankruptcy. In fact, companies like Sports Authority and PacSun face bankruptcy. In recent reports by CNN Money, bankruptcy has loomed over Sports Authority since January 2016, when the company disclosed that it had missed a $20 […]
4 Keys to Protecting Your Drivers During Unpredictable Weather Conditions
The early signs of spring can be seen in most parts of U.S., but not in places like Denver Colorado, where the snow fall is steady, creating treacherous driving conditions for people as they navigate through the mountainous road ways. In recent reports by 9news (Denver’s local news station),  a blizzard recently hit the Denver […]
Create Dynamic Content for your Company’s Facebook Page
Communicating to customers in today’s world is different than it was a few years ago. Back then, sending out emails to customers was one of the ways to get exposure, but now it’s just one of the many ways you have to connect with your customers. Social media makes communicating faster, and in some ways […]
Transitioning from an Employee to an Entrepreneur
  Today, more and more people are finding that starting their own business is extremely difficult, but it can be both beneficial and rewarding. In recent studies conducted by the Small Business Administration, only half of new businesses will survive to see their fifth year, but the right tools can make the process of owning […]
5 secrets to retaining employees and building a happy workplace
The importance of caring for employees is vital for many companies, especially when the employees have helped in the growth and success of the company. Keeping the work environment a place where employees can grow professionally, can sometimes be a hard task for employers. In order to retain employees, whether they’re the newbie in the […]