Tory Dawson Articles

Grappling with Conflict in the Workplace
There’s always talk of leadership in the workplace as if it’s this mystical cure all that magically unifies your workforce. The truth is leadership requires a very specific skill, conflict resolution to be precise. Your effectiveness as a leader directly relates to your ability to identify, address, and resolve conflicts between the groups following your […]
Mental Wellness in the Workplace
It’s a pretty safe bet to say that we spend a lot of time at work. Many professionals spend 40 hours a week working (some much more than that). Regardless of the amount of time you spend on the clock, stress and mental strain can be expected on the job. If that stress goes unchecked […]
The Dos and Don’ts of Politics In The Workplace
Recently, the election cycle in the United States has been one for the ages. At points, it’s been so explosive that it’s probably hard to resist picking your coworkers’ brains about their political viewpoints. Curiosity aside, is the office an appropriate place to discuss your affiliation with Clinton or Trump? What about other political events? […]
Email Etiquette and the Rules of Virtual Engagement
At work, it’s a given that you’ll probably send and receive emails. Emailing isn’t industry specific but it is a staple of business environments. It’s how your employees speak with your clientele and how they coordinate between departments internally. Even though email is common practice, there’s still a decorum to consider. Sending the wrong type […]
Management vs Leadership, Two Sides of the Same Coin
Successful businesses have many moving parts. The data and metrics have to be accounted for, personnel have to be organized, and strategy must be crystal clear to keep everything operating fully. However, the only way these things happen is with guidance. Guidance comes in many different versions. Here, we’ll discuss guidance in the forms of […]
3 Unorthodox Pool Uses; Ride the Wave, Or Make Your Own
Having a pool is a game changer, especially during the summer. Your pool is more than a place to swim; it’s one of the social gathering hub of your home. Pools can facilitate everything from barbecues, to sport event-viewing venues; it just depends on your creativity. Even though pools can bring variety and flavor to […]
Big League Fun; 5 Things the Best Theme Parks Share
I’m no amusement park expert, but I’ve been to more than a few parks. Over time, I’ve noticed that the good ones share a few things in common. Fun Factor It’s in the title. Amusement parks are pointless if people are bored when they go. Fun means something different for everyone, so a wide range of activities […]
White Snow, a Green Thumb, and the World’s End
As people, we ask ourselves a certain set of questions so often that their answers start popping up without much active thought.  What am I going to wear to work today, what’s the weather going to be like, have I revamped my survival plan in the case of a global cataclysmic apocalypse event lately? The […]
A New Challenger has Arrived! Actsoft, Tons of Data, and E3.
Odds are you’ve played a video game at some point during your life. If not, that’s impressive. Put that on your resume (just kidding, don’t do that). The major video game industry brands and their content totally span the gambit. Nintendo still has Mario scouring the depths of the universe (yes, he’s still trying to […]
The Logistics of Interstellar Travel
On a hot, lazy night in July, At the cottage, near the lake, we gaze up, like astronomers, Into the clear, night sky… dark as a blackout, Make mental notes of twinkling stars, the big dipper, Milky Way, faint craters on the moon, Watch as a shooting star passes, crosses the sky like a UFO, […]