Asset Tracking

Mobile assets and equipment are critical to businesses and often carry out essential operations routinely. Protect your high-value assets and always keep them accounted for with Encore.

Monitor the status of high-value assets

GPS Tracking

Oversee all sorts of out-of-office jobs involving your mobile assets, providing the ultimate level of security and asset management. Receive near real-time updates, alerting system administrators whenever mobile assets move. Fast-track mode is enabled for a device when movement is detected, and tracking is automatically sped up to provide the assets location every 5 minutes. When fast track is dormant, devices track only once daily to save battery life.


Geofences are virtual boundaries that can be set around high-priority locations in order to monitor who arrives or departs from the places you deem important. When someone enters or exits a marked location, alerts can trigger to keep management aware.


Eliminate the fear of the unknown when it comes to the status of your assets. Avoid delays and interruptions in productivity with preemptive low-battery alerts. Alerts display when assets are moving or leave a designated area, to help you monitor your most important belongings.

Tamper Alerts

Battery Alerts

Unauthorized Movements

Administrator Point of View

Asset-mounted devices provide the whereabouts and statuses of your mobile assets. View that information from your desktop and maintain a constant state of awareness regarding your equipment. The information Encore provides makes it possible to react quickly when administrators learn that an asset’s status or location has changed.

Theft and Recovery

Receive near real-time updates, alerting system administrators whenever mobile assets move or are tampered with. With Encore, track and retrieve your lost property quicker and with a higher recovery success rate.


React quickly when administrators learn that an asset’s status or location changes with the information that alerts provide. Ensure your assets aren’t moved or operated after approved hours. Monitor your assets’ locations to make sure high-value equipment isn’t forgotten at job sites.

Ignition on/off alerts

Geofence alerts

Movement alerts

Tamper alerts

Compatible CalAmp Devices

Encore works seamlessly with easy-to-install and -use CalAmp devices that were built to keep your assets monitored properly. Use GPS tracking and movement alerts to ensure assets are where they belong.

ATU | 600 Series

Instantly find the last location of assets, follow travel history and breadcrumb trails, and review the amount of time spent on locations with the CalAmp 600 series.

Daily location updates when assets are stationary

Position updates with available movement and stop alerts

Updates as frequent as every five minutes when assets are in motion

TTU | 2800 Series

Designed for optimal size and power consumption, CalAmp TTU 2800 Series devices monitor the statuses of your assets and are particularly proficient with tracking trailers. Internal antennas for both cellular and GPS eliminate the need for wires, making the devices mountable virtually anywhere on your equipment.

Rugged exterior designed to withstand tough outdoor conditions

Built-in 3-axis accelerometer for motion sensing

Built-in cellular and GPS antennas for easy installation

6-month rechargeable battery built to track multi-year deployments or assets that sit idle for extended periods of time

TTU | 700 Series

The 700 series monitors trailers and other large assets by incorporating next-generation GPS-tracking technology. The device dramatically lowers the cost of vehicle ownership by constantly providing information from the field across cellular networks using enhanced SMS messaging.

Daily alerts notify administrators that the device is still active and tracking

Low-battery indicator keeps you aware of power levels

Lithium field replaceable battery pack