The Superheroes of the Workplace

The working day is not the same as it used to be. Long gone are the days of working a “9-to-5” job. For many, the work day is more like “7-to-6” and changes each day. It can seem like you need to be a superhero and put forth a Herculean effort just to make it through the week.

If you really think about it, a good employee isn’t much different from a superhero. Think of Batman from the Dark Knight trilogy. When Batman patrolled, the streets Gotham were a much safer place, but in his absence, the city slipped into chaos. It took Batman taking an extended leave of his voluntary and hazardous duties for him to be truly appreciated.

Just like Batman, there are many employees in the workforce who operate at a high level and are skilled at what they do. As talented as Batman was, he wouldn’t have been the hero he was without his immense resources. His utility belt, the Batmobile, his wits (and, sure, his billions of dollars from Wayne Enterprises) were all at his disposal to take down the bad guys.

Workplace heroes need tools, too. At Actsoft our utility belt is stocked with tools that help workers win the day.

Wireless Forms is the Batarang of our gadgets. It’s reliable, efficient, and proficient when in the right hands. It allows companies to eliminate the need for monotonous paper forms and deploy customizable forms onto wireless devices. Signature and image capture are just two of the features that make Wireless Forms a powerful asset.

Whatever your Batmobile may be, our suite of tools will be able to help you get the most out of it. You can rest assured knowing the precise location of your vehicle at all times even if the Joker or some other villain tries to make off with it. GPS Tracking will keep tabs on your vehicle, and also provides alerts to poor driving habits. Idling, straying from a route, and speeding are some of the violations that are monitored.

Of course, not all employees work in the confines of Gotham. Some operate from their own personal Batcaves or even as far away as Metropolis. When constantly working on the go, it’s a necessity to stay in communication with headquarters: Our tools help you do just that. Employees can clock in and out from their mobile devices, invoicing is all done wirelessly, and worker profiles can be compiled to make it clear who the real protagonists of the workday are.

Even Batman saw the challenges of being The Dark Knight a daunting task. He needed his tools to help him rescue Gotham and save the day. All employees are capable of tremendous feats, but could always use a little help to be even greater. After all, each employee is the hero the company needs.

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Superheroes, Assets, and the Benefits of Tracking

In the last couple of weeks, fall premieres began to steadily flood into television sets around the country. After months of agonizing — that may be too strong of a word, but just go with it, okay? — over the futures of beloved characters in the wake of season finale cliffhangers, we’re finally able to move forward with plotlines and find out what happens next. And not a moment too soon.

As a big fan of superhero shows, I was especially excited to see the return of some of my favorites on the CW network, learning what was to become of some of my beloved characters on shows like Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow.

While each show has its own plotline, they are part of the same universe, allowing for some crossing over, which is always exciting. But another thing that each has in common is that the hero has a loyal team that keeps watch over them from the home base. Thanks to tracking devices and the ability to communicate with each hero instantly, they’re able to monitor, say, Supergirl’s exact location in National City as she’s out and about delivering justice to the bad guys. This ability to track in near real-time helps to make sure our heroes are kept as safe as possible while out in the field and, when something goes wrong, the people back at home are alerted so they can respond accordingly.

When you stop to think about it, this process isn’t all that unlike the way Actsoft helps companies monitor their precious assets. Take, for example, a construction site. More often than not, these types of projects last for months, if not years, and involve a lot of heavy equipment. It’s counterproductive for a crew to have to haul everything to and from the site each day; it would result in a lot of wasted time, which translates to wasted money.

Because of this, that equipment is most often kept at job sites overnight, and oftentimes unguarded. By simply installing one of our asset trackers to your costly equipment, you can rest easy knowing that it’s staying right where it should. In the event that someone attempts to mess with it during off hours, you’ll be sent an alert just like Team Arrow is whenever the man in green is in trouble. These alerts, sent in near real-time, can be all that stands between your equipment’s safety and you being out thousands of dollars due to theft.

What constitutes “messing with” your assets? The versatility of our software allows you to set up those parameters specific to your needs and desires. It could be any movement whatsoever during certain hours. Or you could set alerts to sound if anything leaves your custom geofenced area, no matter the time of day. You’re in complete control, here, so it’s entirely up to you.

Our asset tracking solutions aren’t just limited to construction sites. No matter what type of equipment you have — big or small — and whichever industry you may be in, the ability to see exactly where your valuable gear is at any given time provides the kind of peace of mind any busy business owner would find comforting.

Whether it’s a superhero saving yet another day, a construction crew erecting a new building, or any of the myriad other industries out there, reliable tracking helps you to safeguard what’s most important to you.

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